14 Myths that Kill Guest Post Marketing

guest post marketing myths that kill your chances of guest post success

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guest post marketing myths that kill your chances of guest post success

It must be something in the water, because lately every time I talk to someone about guest post marketing repeats a myth.

Here are 14 myths I’ve heard recently:

  1. You need a website to pitch guest posts
  2. You need lots of content on your own site before you can consider guest post marketing
  3. You need a ton of credentials, followers, and clients to get guest posts
  4. Guest posting is simple. Just write up an email with your guest post idea and send it to an influencer who could benefit
  5. Asking for advice before pitching increases your chances of getting a guest post
  6. It’s a numbers game–send enough pitches and eventually a few will get accepted pay off
  7. Influencers are busy people so get right into your ask in the beginning of your pitch
  8. Influencers immediately know if a guest post idea is good when they look at it
  9. Don’t come out and ask for a pitch right away. Give lots of value and eventually the influencer will ask you to guest post
  10. Influencers want guest posters with systems and frameworks to share with their audience
  11. Influencers want guest posters who have a lot to say on the subject
  12. Influencers only let their mentors, peers, or students guest post
  13. Influencers only care if you can write a strong guest post. They can handle everything else
  14. Great guest post ideas are all you need for pitching popular high traffic sites

I could go on but you get my point.

Believing these myths about guest post marketing can prevent you from getting your guest posts accepted.

But just reading the myths won’t help you change your mind. At least not in the long term.

The only way to avoid these myths is to start getting your guest posts accepted.

Because once you do, you are less likely to believe these myths.

I’ve created a roadmap to help you do just that. Grab it here.

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