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Is this you?

Are you struggling to get started with guest posting?

Even though you have created and recreated your roadmap of steps for guest posting tons of times you still can’t get yourself to stick to it.

Or maybe you actively reach out to influencers for a few weeks and then pffft! Nothing, for months?

Do you find yourself saying you just can’t find the time to guest post?

I used to feel the same way

Even though I have now guest posted at sites like AdWeek and VentureBeat, things weren’t always this way.

There was a time when guest posting felt like the hardest thing I ever had to do in my business.

I still remember one day...

After weeks of researching and brainstorming I had finally laid out everything I had to do to guest post into a spreadsheet.

On my screen was a neat organized spreadsheet.

I had 25 blogs, the best way to approach them, and detailed information on what they covered.

I smiled thinking what a piece of cake coming up with pitches will be.

But hardly a moment after that thought, actually,  I realized-- there was nothing left to do but pitch. *GULP*

I stared at my spreadsheet, completely paralyzed

I reasoned: perhaps, pitching guest posts wasn’t the best use of my time?

Maybe my mind was just trying to stop me from making a huge mistake.

After all, I haven’t seen any of these bloggers promote a guest post.

Bloggers in my industry probably just don’t accept guest posts.

Why pitch and waste valuable time and energy? I could be using those for something else.

And if by some strange fluke of nature a few pitches do get accepted, it just means lots of work.

It will take me forever to write something that matches the quality the blogs I’d chosen expect.

Besides even if I do figure out the quality part, I’d still be wasting an opportunity.

I didn’t have have enough remarkable content on my site.

Maybe I should be writing more content for my own site before reaching out to others.

But when I had finally written enough content on my site, I still didn’t want to guest post.

Guest posting felt super complicated and time consuming.

Meanwhile my friends were killing it with guest posting--getting featured in top blogs and getting hundreds of people joining their email lists.

I was determined to get similar results with my guest posting.

So I took a few steps back.

I looked at all the business outreach I had ever done.

And I realized throughout my career I had never had a problem getting well known influencers to speak at in-person events I organized.

Some of the influencers who have spoken at my event

Some of the influencers who have spoken at my events

“What if I started applying the same system I used to land influencers to speak at my events and pitched them guest posting posts?”

The moment I did I went from results like

To results like

And these niche leaders:

Earning me a reputation that allowed me to serve brands that you might recognize:

Along the way I discovered that…

Starting & sticking with guest Posting does not have to take hours of work

Especially when you have the right system

And now I want to help you get started with guest posting, WITHOUT the painful months of doing what doesn't work that I had to go through.

Which is why I have put together the…

5 Hacks to Building the Guest Posting Habit Workshop--
the training that shows you how to get started with guest posting (and stick with it).

Here is what you will get with the 5 Hacks to Building the Guest Posting Habit Workshop:

The one mental frame I use to squash my fear of poaching influencers’ readers whenever it comes up

The quick test you can use to find out if guest posting really is the best way for you to attract people to your site

The 4 minute framework you can use to discover original guest post ideas that will get influencer attention (and delight) right away

The exact step-by-step action plan you can use to get started with sending guest post pitches 

The surprising hack you can use to get in the habit of regularly guest posting

The single trick you can use to make sure your guest post brings as many people from your audience back to your email list as possible

But wait there is more

To help you really nail Guest Posting you will also get:

The 5 Hacks to Building the Guest Posting Habit Workbook—to help you execute each of the hacks step-by-step for a site you would like to guest post with.

How to Write a Pitch Email that Gives You Instant Credibility—my detailed guide showing you how you can write a pitch email that gives you instant credibility

How to Follow Up Without Being Obnoxious or Sleazy—my 850 word guide that shows you how to follow up with bloggers the right way

Strategy support call-- a 30 minute 1:1 strategy call with me so you can get all your burning guest posting questions answered

And if you purchase the platinum option→

Pitch Makeover--a live 30 minute 1:1 session with me so you can make your pitch absolutely irresistible 

Imagine getting influencer emails...

Thanking you for pitching THEM, even from those who don’t usually accept guest posts:

Calling your guest post incredible when they have 50,000 visitors/month and your own list is tiny:

 Wouldn’t it make your day to get this type of encouragement and support from someone like Navid?

Wouldn’t it make your day to get this type of encouragement and support from someone like Navid?

Telling you they loved your post: 

How much does 5 Hacks to Building the Guest Posting Habit cost?

You get the:

  • 5 Hacks to Building the Guest Posting Habit Workshop
  • The 5 Hacks to Building the Guest Posting Habit Workbook
  • How to Write a Pitch Email that Gives You Instant Credibility
  • How to Follow Up Without Being Obnoxious or Sleazy
  • Strategy Support Call

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Here is what others say about the workshop

 Zach F. 



Before the 5 Hacks to Building the Guest Posting Habit I was dealing with a lot of uncertainty and hesitation around guest posting.

The workshop made it possible for me to not only break down some key mental barriers through logic.  It also provided a systematic way to pitch post topics that have a very high chance of success. I had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA it could be so easy to validate potential blogs for pitching!

If you are on the fence about joining this workshop, first note where Sana has personally been featured. Then join knowing that this workshop negates your barriers to entry in guest posting- it's a very necessary first step that will save a LOT of time and effort.

Tyrone C.



If you think guest posting takes forever you need this.

I always thought guest posting was too slow for me. So I ended up marketing in other ways—a little bit of this and little bit of that. You know that solopreneur marketing tactical hell that is super easy to get into. The hell that really slows you down—each subscriber actually ended up taking me longer to get than guest posting would have.

But working with Sana allowed me to have more confidence to double down on guest posting. I now know a system that will get me responses eventually.

Sam B.



Said this right after he got his first ever guest post accepted at site with 24K visitors: