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I help online course creators, freelancers, and coaches build their email lists through guest posting.

I've been guest posting myself since 2009!

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I've been guest posting since 2009!

I've been featured on:

Featured On Forbes
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All of which has led to clients like:

Even though I have had lots of guest posting success things weren't always this way. 

There once was a time guest posting had me tearing out my hair!

I had no idea :

  • Who to pitch? Should I just start with popular blogs or smaller ones to get practice?
  • What to pitch? Every idea I'd think of was already done.
  • How to pitch? Everyone tells me I need to build a relationship first but how exactly do I go about doing this online?

    Guest posting seemed so complicated!
    It seemed so much easier to work on everything else in my business. So that's what I did.

All this changed the day I discovered-->

  1. Finding the right blogs can be done in less than an hour IF I look for a few critical metrics 
  2. Crafting an amazing pitch is ALL about showing you are solving the right problem
  3. Building relationships with bloggers is easy IF you do the right things in the right order

And that is what this blog is about. 

My goal with this blog is to give you...

My guest posting blueprint which is based on:

  • qualifying through measurable, easy-to-find metrics 
  • giving people real value/not BS AND
  • connecting in warm real human ways

Think that is an impossible paradox? Well then you just have to let me show you how to make the impossible possible. 

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