Afraid of marketing? What if it isn’t really fear?

Sana ChoudaryFear

Is marketing your achilles heel?

It was mine.

Marketing was a heart pounding, frenzied tizzy I had to herd myself into doing. I knew that even a few short hours of marketing would leave me limp and lifeless like a cheap homemade ragdoll.

What made marketing so difficult was that I couldn’t stop myself from repeatedly wondering:

What will other people think?

Will I offend them? Will I weird them out?

But mostly will they still like me?

I’d twist and turn myself into a pretzel trying to be all things to all people. Of course it didn’t work. And this only made me even more nervous and stilted the next time I had to market.

People told me I was afraid of marketing, and not knowing any better, I accepted this label. You probably did too. But nothing can be further from the truth.

You aren’t really afraid you are overstimulated!

It’s a no-brainer that marketing is overstimulating

This is what Dr. Aron has written about HSPs and overstimulation:

“If you are going to notice every little thing in a situation, and if the situation is complicated (many things to remember), intense (noisy, cluttered, etc.), or goes on too long… it seems obvious that you will also have to wear out sooner from having to process so much.”

It is even more obvious that marketing would be overstimulating for HSEs. Think about it:

  1. Marketing involves remembering many things—your message, audience, knowledge & experience (and that’s to name just a few).
  2. Marketing environments are intense—not only are you in the spotlight, all the energy, questions, reactions, and judgements of your audience are coming towards you.
  3. Marketing often requires a long term concerted effort—meaning all the above continue for a while.

Even if you are not afraid of marketing, your awareness of your own emotions, thoughts, efforts and those of others around you can make marketing overstimulating. Of course, if you are afraid, that is one more reason to get stimulated. No wonder marketing feels so hard.

Does it really matter if I call it overstimulation or fear?

I can hear you saying,  “Potato, patato Sana. Whether you call it fear of marketing or overstimulation, it doesn’t matter. It is in my DNA. It is the way I am built. I can’t do anything about it. I can’t change it. HSPs simply aren’t meant to be public, it is too stressful.”


When you realize that what you are feeling is overstimulation and not fear, solutions become waaaay easier.

Ok it’s overstimulation–what can I do about it?

Here are three solutions you can use around your marketing overstimulation.

#1 Manage and reduce your overstimulation

Use simple and basic practices to help you manage and reduce your marketing overstimulation. Your mind is probably already racing with ideas such as complex meditation and yoga regimens. Some of you are probably thinking–jeez louise, I already meditate and it doesn’t help. Others are thinking GREAT she want’s me to find time for yet another thing. I absolutely don’t have time for yet another thing on my to my long to-do list.

Hold your horses dearies. I never said meditation and yoga is THE answer for all of you. Your answers might be completely different. Find a practice that works for you. It doesn’t need to take a long time or lots of energy. It could be as little as a 2 minutes practice you do anytime you feel overstimulated by marketing. All that matters is that whatever you use works for you.  

Q. What is the one tool that has worked 100% of the time for every HSE I have ever coached?
A. a simple centering and grounding technique that only takes 2 minutes.

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#2 Shift your focus away from yourself and onto the customer

Shift your focus away from yourself to your customer. Thinking about yourself and how you appear to others will only increase over overstimulation. Think instead of your prospective customer. What are their pains and struggles? How can you use your marketing help them feel better, healthier, or more fulfilled? As you get ideas go ahead and execute. Just make sure to keep your focus on service and contribution to your customers even as you execute.

#3 Choose a better feeling meaning for your overstimulation  

Choose a better feeling meaning for your overstimulation. Instead of seeing overstimulation it as a personal flaw that stems from how you are built, see it as a positive. You know you can get used to stimulation over time, the only reason you are not used to marketing stimulation is because it is new. And that is a reason to rejoice. The fact that you are getting overstimulated is  a signal that you are entering a new frontier. One that will allow you to learn, evolve, and grow.

Keep in mind though, if the overstimulation is too intense this becomes damn near impossible. In order to even begin to think of a more empowering meaning for overstimulation, it must first be calmed down to a more manageable optimal stimulation level. My tried and tested 2 minute grounding and centering tool will help you do exactly this.

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Next Steps

Let’s summarize. Here is what you learned:

  • Most of what you and others view as your fear of marketing is actually overstimulation
  • When you realize it is marketing related overstimulation and not fear, it opens the door to a number of solutions
  • You have some solutions for the next time you get overstimulated by marketing

Now if your overstimulation feels like it is at unmanageable levels or you simply want a little more help figuring out how to bring to to a lower optimal levels definitely download my Marketing Fears audio masterclass.

In it you will learn:

  • an easy 2 minute centering and grounding technique you can use to shift from overstimulated to calm and collected
  • a step by step exercise that will help you develop the best marketing practices for you
  • a simple fix that will keep you functioning in your optimal stimulation zone for your marketing
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