Deathly afraid of marketing? Here is why it DOES NOT have to hold you back

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Angelique is a highly sensitive person (HSP). She spent almost a decade in corporate America. A time she refers to as “those years of making boat-loads of meaningless money.”

You see Angelique had known forever that her true happiness came from helping others feel better, healthier, and more fulfilled. She certainly couldn’t do that in corporate America. One day she had finally had enough. So she quit and, after an intense program of study, she started coaching.

Her first customers were friends, family, and old colleagues. Delighted with the results Angelique brought them, they referred dozens more.

Overtime Angelique’s confidence in her coaching abilities grew. Her clients picked up on her high empathy – a hallmark of her HS trait –  which led them to confide in her about their most difficult emotions. Her clients loved her and she loved them.

But all was not well in Angelique’s business. You see Angelique strongly believes that healing focused businesses should not keep clients dependent for life. So she works on empowering them to become the people who can heal themselves. Once she feels they are there, she bids them goodbye.

But, doing business this way means she is constantly stuck either in feast or in famine. Some months she is packed and other months there are crickets. Angelique never really knows when she will get booked again, and at times, the stress gets overwhelming.

In order to keep doing business in a way that works both for her pocketbook and her values, Angelique KNOWS she needs to market. The need to market is so obvious to her that it is almost a no brainer.

Marketing will allow her to finally:

  • get known as the expert beyond her small circle of existing clients
  • serve more people and serve them in deeper ways than she already does
  • make more money, have more time and more freedom to do her best work yet

But there is one problem, and it’s a big one.

Angelique is deathly afraid of marketing

Angelique is so afraid that even thinking about marketing makes her heart pound like a runaway jack hammer. And whenever she sits down to market,  her mind races with oppressive “who-the-heck-do-you-think-you-are-anyways” thoughts that leave her feeling like Charlie Brown needing a security blanket.

She fears that she might bore people–who needs a coach anyways?

That they might turn away from her in disgust–asking them to pay attention to her coaching and message, is unreasonable after all.

That people would hate or  attack her for revealing who she truly is, someone who is unique and anything but mainstream.

They might reject her and oh the shame would just crush her — because it means they don’t see any value in her work or GULP even her as a person.

And the biggest fear of all? That her marketing works and she gets clients but then she fails them because she got in over her head. And that would mean she is a true failure! Who failed at marketing, failed at business, proving once and for all, every horrible thought she, or anyone else, ever had about herself is TRUE!!!! YIKES!

Sound familiar?

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Fear of marketing really sucks

It not only holds you back. It also costs you financially and emotionally. It costs you your dream of helping others in the way you know in your heart of hearts you were meant to in this life.

I get it. I’ve been there

Seven years ago I was in the exact same spot as you and Angelique are now. I was a year into my business, I had several happy paying clients under my belt who I had finished working with. And now I needed a systematic way to regularly get new clients–aka marketing.

My problem: I was deathly afraid of marketing. At that time, if anyone even mentioned marketing, my fear became so intense that you could cut it with a chainsaw!

It didn’t matter if I was marketing  live or not, my audience could feel my self consciousness, my nervousness, and my tension. From the outside, I looked uncaring, arrogant, and mean, but on the inside my heart was in my mouth. I would either shiver uncontrollably or be using up all my brainpower trying to just stop my shivering. In either case I had very little attention left for my message and my audience. At the end of it all, I’d be so massively exhausted all I could think about was beelining to the nearest possible place away from it all.

But there is hope –  after battling this all-consuming fear for years, I have finally WON!

I now know not only how to market and sell in a way that works for  my HS self. But I actually get excited about promoting my ideas and my business.

The happy byproduct is getting known as an expert! And when that happened the type of money, clients, and work I wanted followed.

The biggest gift? The delicious ecstasy of knowing I conquered those feelings. I got unstuck and I moved forward and, OH, it felt absolutely GLORIOUS!

I want you to have same feeling. And I know without a doubt that it is possible.

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So how can you win the battle against your fear of marketing?

I’m glad you asked. The answer lies in your sensitive genius–a powerful and positive force within you, that is constantly on the look out for ways to help you create more of what you want.

All emotions are positive signals from your genius. They are trying to tell you what actions you should take or what possible circumstances you should pay attention to. But since most of us did not grow up with an understanding of our genius, we often confuse the positive intent of these signals with negative meanings.

Your marketing fears, are actually signals from your genius. When you are able to understand these signals, not only do you automatically release your fears, but you are also able to create marketing that you are excited to put out into the world.

To uncover the positive signals behind your fear of marketing ask yourself:

  1. what might happen that my genius is signaling I can prevent?
  2. what might happen that my genius wants me to minimize the impact of?
  3. what are all the possible outcomes that my genius wants me to be aware of? How can I use them to propel me towards what I want?

Recently I helped CD, a HS health coach tap into his sensitive genius around his fear marketing. Here is what he said after:

“Even though tapping into my sensitive genius sounded nebulous, it was right there as soon as I opened my eyes to it. I was part of a step-by-step process that gave me a clear plan of action that I was part of creating. Before, all these emotions were coming up and the best I could do was weather the storm and hope it would pass or I would get used to it. Tapping into my genius gave me the umbrella, rain jacket, and galoshes to prepare me for the rain and that makes going out in the rain a lot less terrifying.”

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Next Steps

Let’s summarize:

  1. you know that marketing your business is a no-brainer, especially if you want to run it in a way that works both for your finances and your values
  2. you can recognize when your fear of marketing gets in the way
  3. you know it is possible to win the battle against your fear of marketing by uncovering the positive signals behind your fears and have a few questions to get you started

Now if your fear is so intense, that any attempts to uncover positive signals, only leads to even more fear, then definitely download my marketing fears audio masterclass.

In it, I will walk you step by step through:

  • an easy 2 minute centering and grounding technique you can use to instantly shift from feeling afraid to absolutely great so you can actually understand the signals your genius is giving you
  • the step by step practical exercise for tapping into your genius so you can release your fears and create marketing that you are excited to put out in the world
  • the simple fix that will keep your fear of marketing from ever coming back so you can focus brain power on attracting and serving the clients you feel most called to serve
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