Do THIS if you are overwhelmed by guest posting

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Guest blogging was killing me!

I was spending weeks building relationships with bloggers.

At the same time, I was combing through blogs and trying to come up with pitch ideas.

And as if that wasn’t enough, I was also crafting and polishing pitch emails for yet another set of bloggers.

But even after all of that–I sometimes didn’t hear back!

What was I supposed to do now?

Do I follow-up?

Do I send other pitch ideas?

Do I spend more time building the relationship?

Only one word described how I felt–overwhelm!

Do you feel the same way?

I know Keri does, check out this screenshot of what she wrote in:

3.1 GP Overwhelm

And she is right. It is overwhelming!

But it doesn’t have to be…not if you turn guest post pitching into a game. Here are 3 reasons why you should play the guest posting game.

Reason#1 for the guest posting game: It’s fun!

Ever played a really great game that made you lose track of time?

Remember how focused and alert you felt? And how juiced you felt about working towards the next win?

That is how a game allows you to feel about guest posting.

Protip: to make it, even more, fun play it with your entrepreneurial friends.

Reason #2 for the guest posting game: Helps filter advice

Ever get confused by all the pitching advice out there?

I did. There was so much of it–but no way of screening which would work best for me.

Instead of helping all that advice did was just making me even more overwhelmed.

But once I started playing the guest posting game everything changed.


The game helped me break down the big goal of guest post acceptance to mini-goals like connecting, engaging, getting a response etc.

Once I knew what mini-goal I was going for, it was much easier to filter through pitching advice. I simply focused on the advice most likely to help me with my mini-goal.

Reason #3 for the guest posting game: Not waste time chasing blogs

Have you ever found yourself spending lots of time trying to get a pitch accepted?

Even when logically you know there is another blog you could be pitching in the same amount of time? One that would accept you faster and probably net you just as many subscribers?

I certainly did, especially when I really admired a blogger.

But once I started playing my guest posting game I started falling into this trap a lot less. The game score was an early indicator of whenever I began to fall down this path.

Now you know why you should turn guest posting into a game. Let’s talk about how.

How to play the guest post pitching game

The object of the game is more guest post acceptances faster.

To get there you must pass three levels.

Level 1: Connect and engage with blogger

Level 2: Send blogger engaging pitch

Level 3: Get a blogger response

Let’s talk about each of them.

Level 1: Connect and engage

The game begins with your connection with a blogger.

Here are the activities that count as a connection:

  • Getting introduced to the blogger by someone who knows you both
  • Making quality comments on their blog posts or emails
  • Sharing any specific learnings gained from the blogger via social media thereby giving their ideas even more exposure

THE GOAL: the blogger responds with a like or a comment

If the blogger does not respond then keep engaging with the blogger at least 3-4 times.

If they still don’t respond, attempt to connect with other bloggers on your target list instead.

Level 2: Send an engaging pitch

If you received a response in level 1 craft and send a compelling pitch that gets opened. This involves two things.

#1 A compelling subject line

Ask yourself what kind of subject line will make them open an email from you after they engage with you.

Two example subject lines that have worked for me

Highlighting a mutual connection (only if it is true of course):

3.2 Compelling subject line

Highlighting a subject you know is on their mind (this was pulled from the blogger’s older blog post):

3.2 Pitch Email Subject Lines

#2 A persuasive body

Remember to highlight in the body that your pitch ideas are a new and fresh angle to content written by the blogger:

3.4 Body highlight 1

Also, highlight why your pitch idea is a natural fit for the blog. Here is an example of how I have done this in the past:

3.5 persuasive body

The Goal: getting the blogger to open and read your pitch.

If they don’t open your pitch after 7 days–go back to level 1 and connect and engage with the blogger 1-2 more times and then send 1 polite reminder emails.

If they do open your pitch move to level 3.

If they still do not open your pitch move to other bloggers on your target list.

Protip: Track opens through a tool like Mixmax.

Level 3: Get a blogger response

Wait 48-72 hours after they open your pitch to see if they respond.

If they don’t send a polite follow-up email that floats your email to the top of their inbox. After all, they might just be busy.

If 3 days pass and there is still no response send a no-guilt follow-up email. This email is designed to get a response that shows you how you can improve your pitch.

Protip: Still no response? Don’t worry you might need a few more guest posting wins before the blogger sees a post from you as worth their audience. Keep guest posting and updating the blogger about your posts.

Sounds a lot less overwhelming and whole lot more fun doesn’t it?

If you really want to win more guest posts, you probably don’t want to waste a ton of time figuring out all the steps involved in guest posting. I created something that can help. 

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