Is your fear of rejection keeping you from the dollars and impact you want from your business?

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Meet Rosemary—a highly sensitive (HS) counseling psychologist.

Rosemary felt called to help professional adults who outwardly had it all, but inside Rosemarywere unhappy.  While working with these patients at a mainstream healthcare institution, she sensed that many were suffering from intergenerational trauma. She was convinced that the most effective solution for them was to provide massage coupled with counseling.  But when she proposed this at her workplace, they immediately shot her down.  It just didn’t fit their business model.

Desperate to give her patients the tools that they critically needed, Rosemary did the only thing she could–she became an entrepreneur

Within a year Rosemary’s private practice had 25 regular paying clients.
Rosemary loved her practice. It allowed her to focus on the only thing that really mattered—her patients’ best interests. And the powerful life-changing results her work had on her patients, was incredibly rewarding.

bangingheadBut then she hit a wall…

Even though she was working longer and harder than she had ever worked before, she wasn’t making anywhere close to the amount of money she wanted. She was always having to scrimp and save, and still never having enough left over.

And worst of all, she knew she wasn’t making as much impact as possible. Sure her patients were making massive shifts, but there were others out there, who needed her and she just wasn’t reaching them.

She knew the solution was marketing, but she couldn’t get herself to do it

And when she did, it was so haphazard and half hearted that it never moved the needle for her business.

Because Rosemary was terrified

She was afraid of being criticized. She was afraid of being ignored. And most of all she was afraid of failing. Rosemary saw all of these as the ultimate rejection—a rejection of everything she was and everything she stood for.

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Does this sound familiar?

Are you like Rosemary?

Are you doing everything but actually marketing because you are afraid being rejected?

Maybe, like Rosemary, you are angry at yourself for not being able to get over your fear of rejection?

You are in luck here is how this post will help:

  • Help you understand the real source of your fear of rejection (hint: it isn’t what you think) AND
  • Give you the only antidote to your fear of rejection that works at the source

Let’s get started.

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