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“You always knew how to read my mind!”

I told K. my best friend from college when we reconnected after 8 years apart.

Making a blogger feel like you read their mind with your guest blog pitch is even easier than making a good friend feel that you get them.

A picture from the happy day we reconnected after years!

You can make a blogger feel the exact same way with your guest blog pitch.

The key is sending them a guest blog pitch that is so in line with their own blogging style that they instantly feel that they can trust you with a guest post.

Luckily for you, creating a guest blog pitch like that is easy with my “You-read-my-mind-technique” 😉

Here are the 3 steps to this technique.

Step #1 Get clear on the blogger’s style

You can get clear on the blogger’s style by checking at their blog with an eye to answering these questions:

  1. Do they focus on in-depth actionable posts or more meta posts that explain the big picture?
  2. Are their posts more oriented to helping people achieve goals or solve solutions? Or are they emotional or evocative? (I wrote about this in more detail here)
  3. How do their posts help their readers? By providing evidence? By sharing stories?
  4. What types of posts perform best on their blog?

Step #2 Get clear about your own writing style

Look back over your answers in Step #1 and honestly ask yourself: can you write posts that fit this style? If the answer is yes proceed to Step #3. If no then find another host blog.

Step #3 Show the blogger you understand their style

You can do this in two ways–how you explain your topic and how you position your topic.

Here is an example that shows you how:

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That’s the “You-read-my-mind-technique” for you.

Wrap up & next steps

You just learned a powerful way to make a blogger feel like you can read their mind with your guest blog pitch. Now go ahead and put it into action in your next guest blog pitch.

Want the step-by-step blueprint I use to get 4 out of 5 of my guest posts accepted?

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