I’m stunned more people don’t use this to get blogger attention

Sana ChoudaryBuilding Influencer Relationships

I could hardly believe my eyes.

easy-thing-on-a-warm-summer-dayOn this sweltering hot California day, I was the only one at the pool.

Everyone else stayed late at work to escape the heat.
Now I’m all for hard work, but sometimes the solution is simple. As simple as a short dip in a pool.

Just like catching your favorite blogger’s attention can be as simple as promoting their work and it’s relevance to you (which I call The True Connection Triangle, more on that some other time).

You are probably thinking but Sana what if the blogger doesn’t see my True Connection Triangle posts?

Good point.

That is precisely why I recommend you only share your True Connection posts in communities your target bloggers belong to.

Finding those communities is super easy.

The screenshot shows how you can find Facebook communities your target blogger belongs to.
By the way, this works even if you aren’t already connected with the blogger on Facebook.


Once you find the relevant groups join them and create True Connection Triangle posts with the influencers tagged.

This deceptively simple strategy has always worked on getting me influencer replies. Even with famous high traffic bloggers like the ones in the screenshot below.

This hack is part of my larger SuperCharged Guest Posting Blueprint.

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