Is marketing your biggest challenge as a highly sensitive entrepreneur?

Sana ChoudaryFear

This is an excerpt from a recent guest post for Dr. Tracy Cooper, renowned HSP and Career expert. To read the complete post please click here. 

Are you a highly sensitive entrepreneur (HSE)?

Do you ever notice yourself feeling intensely uncomfortable about marketing?

May be your heart starts pounding so uncontrollably you just want to run away?

Or your breathing gets so fast and erratic that your chest hurts?

Or your thoughts speed by so quickly you find it hard to concentrate on any single one? And when you do–all you can think of is your worst marketing nightmare?

Do you then find yourself doing almost anything except marketing?

Do you ever wonder why you feel this way?

Do you ever wonder why you feel this way?

Logically you know that you shouldn’t.

After all you’ve taken the time to create a business you are deeply passionate about. And you’ve confirmed, by getting paying clients, that what you are offering is not only something people need but are willing to pay for.

Take heart that you are not alone:

HSEs say marketing is the #1 challenge that holds them back from creating the money and positive impact they most desire from their business.

In this blog post I will help you understand what makes marketing so hard for you and what you can do about it.

To read the complete post please click here.