Feel like there aren’t enough blogs for you to pitch guest posts?

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This morning I received a message from Zach, one of the students of my Guest Posting Treasure Hunt Workshop (where I show people how to find the right blogs for guest posting).

Zach wrote:

Have you ever felt like Zach?

Have you felt that there just might not be enough blogs to choose from?

Listen I completely understand.

Early on in my guest posting journey I was at the same place.

I felt that the blogs I’d find were very different from mine.

They either used a very different approach than I did. Or they catered to a much broader audience than I wanted.

Was enough of my ideal audience was hanging out at these blogs? 

Would guest posting at blogs like that ever bring enough of my ideal audience to my site?

These questions plagued me until I discovered I didn’t actually need to guest post at a blog exactly like mine.

Instead I could attract my ideal audience from pretty much any blog they frequented.

My secret? Using what I now call my charm-your-ideal-customer technique.

What is the charm-your-ideal-customer technique?

Ever been shoe shopping in Italy?

I have and one of the things I noticed immediately was how differently you get treated if the store thing you fit the profile of their ideal customer.

In stores where they thought I was the ideal customer–

They warmly greeted me the moment I arrived.

They let me look around for as long as I needed, without even appearing in my line of sight.

But the second I had a question a salesperson would magically appear.

By the time I’d exit the store I’d be pleased, regardless of whether or not I purchased.

Everything seemed like pure perfection.

In short I’d been charmed.

But where the store didn’t think I was their ideal customer my experience is very different.

Within seconds of arrival I’d be a met with a “can-I-help-you” so cold, I knew I should never expect any real help from that salesperson.

I’d constantly be followed by the salesperson with a “will-you-buy-or leave” expression on their face.

And if I had a question, I never got a clear answer. Instead I’d be met with an exasperated frown.

In short I’d been alienated.

The two experiences were as different as night and day.

In the first store I was their ideal customer so everything is carefully crafted to charm me. In the second I wasn’t their ideal customer.

So everything from initial reception to the follow-on attitude was designed to get me to purchase and leave as fast as possible.

Your guest post should similarly charm your ideal customer. And while you shouldn’t try to alienate them as rudely as the above Italian shoe store, you should definitely make it clear your post and follow-on content are not a match for them.

All of that is possible if you strategically use your guest post’s real estate to charm your ideal customer.

There are 5 steps to the charm-your-ideal-audience-technique. Let’s talk about each of these.

The charm-your-ideal-audience technique [5 steps]

Step #1 Call out your ideal customer in the headline

There are a number of different ways to call out your ideal customer.

You can call out your ideal customer by a:

  • Description they self-identify with
  • Problem they want to get away from
  • Goal they want to achieve
  • A desire they want to move towards

You could of course combine a few of these to make your headline call out your ideal customer even more powerfully.

Here is an example of how to call out your ideal customer with your headline.

2.4 headline

Notice my headline calls out people who:

  • Identify with a description–loving their business
  • Have a problem they want to get away from–hating selling
  • Desire they want to move towards–loving selling as much as they love their business (though this is implied and not directly claimed)

Step #2 Call out your ideal customer in the subheadline

Another place you can call out your ideal customer is the subheadline.

Here is an example of how you can call out your ideal audience with the subheadline.

2.5 subheadline

My subheadline calls out my ideal audience by:

  • Description they self-identify with–introverted or sensitive entrepreneur
  • Problem they want to get away from–fear of blogger outreach
  • Goal they want to achieve–rapidly building their email list

Step #3 Describe the type of person who your guest post can’t help

After your first one or two guest posts you develop a very good idea of the type of audience member you don’t want.

In guest posts that are 1000+ words you can use this knowledge to deter audience members you don’t want.

For my ultimate guide to guest posting fears guest post I told the types of readers I couldn’t help through the post that I couldn’t help them.

Here is what that looked like:

2.6 alienate intro

As a highly empathetic person it still feels edgy to have done this. But ultimately this is one of the most respectful ways to guest post without wasting the time of anyone involved.

Step #4 Welcome the type of person who your guest post can help

Once you have described the type of person who you guest post can’t help, you should also describe the type of person you can help.

Here is how I did this in my ultimate guide to guest posting fears guest post:

2.7 welcome


  • signals to your ideal audience that investing their time to read your guest post and follow-on content will be worth their while
  • Welcomes your ideal audience by making them feel part of a special and exclusive club which further motivates them to invest time with your post
  • Further deters those who are not your ideal customer from reading (in case they are still reading)

Step #5 Motivate your ideal customer to read on

Once you have welcomed your ideal customer make sure to motivate them to read your guest post.

You can do this by calling out:

  • The biggest goals they want to achieve
  • Their barriers to achieving those goals
  • Spelling out the desires they can fulfill by achieving their goals

Here is how I did this in my ultimate guide to guest posting fears guest post:

2.8 whats in it for you

If you do this part well your ideal customer will now be itching to read the rest of your guest post.

Your next steps

Use the charm-your-ideal-audience-technique next time you guest post on a blog that isn’t exactly like yours.

Maybe you are thinking–this sounds great but what should I focus on right now to get more guest posts accepted?

Click here to learn my blueprint for getting 4 out of 5 of your guest posts accepted.