Love your business but hate selling? Try compassionate selling

Sana ChoudarySales

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Meet Angelique. Angelique is a highly sensitive entrepreneur (HSE) who LOVES her health coaching business. Her business allows her to help her clients improve their health in remarkable ways.They in turn become lifelong fans who then refer their friends and family her way.

But even with these referrals Angelique struggles with a major problem–constant feast and famine. Some months she is packed and other months there are crickets. Angelique never really knows when she will get booked again or when she will be able to pay her bills. The stress has gotten so overwhelming that she has even considered shuttering her business.

The reason for Angelique’s problems? She HATES selling.


Angelique after you ask her about sales.

Can you relate?

Think of all the opportunities you missed because you hate selling? What if you could love selling as much as you love your work?

How much more value would you be able to provide to your clients?

How much more impact would you be able to create with your work?

How much more would you be able to focus on the work you love, if you didn’t have to constantly worry about making the money you need to support yourself and live comfortably?

I bet the answer is significantly more. I also bet that the mere thought of being able to do the work you love, free from concerns about money feels like an impossible dream.

Well all that and more is possible if you turn every sale into an opportunity for compassion and generous giving. How? By changing how you think about selling.

Why changing how you think about selling helps

Ever notice that what you hate only gives you more and more proof that it is hate worthy? That is because your hate-thoughts about selling, leads you to act like a person who hates selling. You may act nervous, reluctant, cold, arrogant, or annoyed in sales situations. Not surprisingly these actions produce results that further confirm your hatred for selling (like potential clients acting rude or aggressive or choosing inferior competitors instead of you) . These thoughts, behaviors, and results act like a vicious self-fulfilling prophecy that keeps you away from all you really want from your business. Changing how you think about selling will allow you to break this cycle.

How should you think about selling?

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