My #1 Secret to A Winning Guest Post Pitch

Want to guest post but feel absolutely lost on what to pitch? Check out this post for my #1 secret to coming up with a winning guest post pitch!

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#1 Secret to a Winning Guest Post Pitch

“Its unmatched taste ignites playful mischief in the relationship…

It is the irresistibly good relationship brew!”

That’s the real Amazon description for the tea I’m drinking as I write this.

guest post pitch

Which makes this tea similar to my #1 secret for coming up with guest post pitches.

This secret will help you:

  1. Create guest post pitches that excite bloggers
  2. Cut down the time it takes you to find topics for your guest post pitch
  3. Find unique highly valuable guest post pitch topics never seen by the blogger before

Imagine sending guest post pitches that made you become a blogger’s guest posting gold standard like this:

thats a winning guest post pitch

Message from Regina over at to her project manager when she saw my guest post pitch


Let’s go

My #1 Secret to Winning Guest Post Pitch

Most people think winning a guest post it the perfect pitch topic. More specifically they have two misconceptions.

The first, you will win a guest post if your pitch topic is one a blogger has NEVER written about before. But think about it for a second. If a blogger has never written about a topic before, can they really know if it is a topic that will perform well with their audience? 

Of course not. Which is why:

Winning a guest post isn’t about pitching a brand new topic a blogger has never written about. If the topic is truly new, a blogger won’t know if it is a topic that their audience will care about.

The second misconception? Winning a guest post is all about finding a pitch topic on which your insights are so brilliant the blogger knows instantly your post will be of value to the audience.

Hmm, ok. How many pitches do you think a busy blogger sees? A lot right? Do you think a busy blogger will take the time to understand the brilliance of each person pitching them guest posts? Not likely. 

Which is why:

Winning a guest post isn’t about pitching a topic where you can wow bloggers with your brilliance. Bloggers only care about the brilliance that helps their audience. 

Ok, so then how can you find your winning pitch topic? 

Get the pitch topic directly from a blogger’s audience.

The best part, this isn’t rocket science. And with the tools available today all it takes to do this is these 6 incredibly simple steps.

Let’s talk about each of them.

Step #1 Type in the link for a post on your topic on Epicbeat winning guest post pitch

Step #2 Confirm post has healthy engagement and comments

winning guest post pitch

If it doesn’t find other posts on the topic that do.

Step #3 View source of comments

You can view this by clicking the article dropdown and looking under comments to find where on the web people commented. winning guest post pitch

Pretty neat right!

Step #4 Find the page with the comments using search

I used google site search to find these comments on HackerNews. Article from Hubspot that explains how to do this here. You can do the same for most platforms.

Step #5 Eyeball the comments for objections or challenges people still have after the post

winning guest post pitch

Plenty of pitch topics in these comments (underlined).

Step #6 Brainstorm 1 pitch addressing at least one of the objections

For our example possible pitch topics could be a guest post about:

  • The long-term effects of caffeine
  • How to use caffeine for maximum productivity and creativity
  • The real truth about caffeine and productivity (that addresses objections to the study validity)

Wrap up & next steps

Let’s summarize what you learned. You learned a fast and easy way to brainstorm fresh and unique pitches for your potential guest post.

Now it is your turn. Go ahead put this into action.

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Want to guest post but feel absolutely lost on what to pitch? Check out this post for my #1 secret to coming up with a winning guest post pitch!