Sent a guest post request but never heard back? HERE is what to do

guest post request

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Sent a guest post request but never heard back? HERE is what to do

What do you do when you send a guest post request but then don’t hear from a blogger?

Do you keep waiting?

Do you follow up more?

Do you send the same guest post request elsewhere?

The answer is none of the above. Instead, you should send what I call the last resort followup email.

Here is an example of my own last resort followup email:

guest post request

When to send the last resort followup to your guest post request

The last resort followup email works best when:

  • The blogger has engaged with you in the past
  • They have expressed their appreciation for your work and efforts AND
  • You have already followed up with a blogger on your pitch at least 2-3 times since sending

Let’s talk about the how a last resort followup email works so that you can customize to write your own.

What to include in a last resort followup email to your guest post request

There are 4 key ingredients to a last resort followup email.

#1 Invoke curiosity

Notice my subject line in the example last resort email: “Is the timing just not right?”

Since it is phrased as a question it gets curiosity.

That subject line does not offend but it does get enough curiosity to get the blogger to open your email.

#2 Showcase social proof

If it has been a while since you pitched the blogger, chances are they have probably lost touch with any excitement your guest post. The last resort email is a great place to remind them.

The best way to do this is by providing real testimonials from those who have read your content and benefitted from it.

I gathered these by sharing my content with a few members of my audience and then including screenshots of their positive responses to the email. Here is what that looked like:

guest post request

Ingredient #3 Remind them of your love

If you did this in detail during your pitch you can simply refer to it here quickly. Here is how I did it:

content reiterateout

Ingredient #4 Give them an out

Like most people, influencers will always remember how you make them feel so avoid making them feel guilty or that you are angry. Which is why you should always give them an easy out or a way to save face. In my case, I reiterated the out I mentioned in the subject line about timing.

At the same time, you also want to give yourself an out from having to further wait on their reply, I did this by politely sharing my desire to take my content elsewhere (if they no longer wanted it that is) 😉

content reiterateoutSharePlans

Step #5 Make publishing super-easy

At this point in your email, many influencers are probably thinking I want to publish, but I’m just so busy. In that case, you make it as easy as possible for them to take action. One way you would do this is by sharing all relevant content in the email. This way they don’t have to dig through their email for your submission email.

guest post request

Wrap up & next steps

You just learned what to do if you stop hearing from the blogger after your guest post submission.

Now it is your turn. Go ahead put this into action.

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