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I could hardly believe my eyes. On this sweltering hot day, I was the only one out at the pool.

blogger outreach ideaGoes to show that sometimes the best ideas are the simplest ideas.

Kind of like how the best blogger outreach idea is to promote bloggers work.

And the next best blogger outreach idea? Do it in communities you know they already belong to.

And the best part is finding those communities is super easy.

Let’s talk about how.



Blogger outreach idea #1: Find the communities a blogger belongs to

Type in groups + blogger name + “likes”.

This will show you a screen a bit like the one below. 

blogger outreach idea

By the way, this works even if you aren’t already connected with the blogger on Facebook.

Blogger outreach idea #2: Promote their work in the communities

Once you find the relevant groups join them and then promote blogger work with them tagged.

This deceptively simple strategy has always worked on getting me blogger replies. Even with famous high traffic bloggers like the ones in the screenshot below.

blogger outreach idea

Go ahead and give it a try.

Let me know how it goes.

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blogger outreach idea