Super simple hack to make every guest post pitch irresistible

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“PINK LADY,” he almost shouted, looking me confidently in the eye.

Completely unaware he had just revealed how little he knew about hookah.

But I didn’t blame him. Picking flavors with titillating names is a classic novice mistake. We experienced hookah smokers know better.

Not smoking queen of sex here

Not smoking Pink lady  here

It is kind of like how a lot of people pitch guest posts.

They assume bloggers want novel posts packed with wit, turn of the phrase, and other flashy devices.

But they never bother to find out what the blog’s audience may actually need.

Now I know you won’t be doing that.

After all, you’ve read already grabbed your SuperCharged Guest Posting Blueprint and you know better.

You know that guest post pitches only work when you show the blogger how your guest post will serve their audience’s needs.

#GuestPost pitches only work when you show the host blogger how your guest post will serve their audience's needs

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Haven’t grabbed your SuperCharged Guest Posting Blueprint?

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But how can you find out what a blog’s audience needs?

And once you find out what they need, how can you guarantee the blogger will want YOU to fulfill those needs?

In this blog post, I will show you the exact steps to answering both questions so that you craft pitches bloggers find so irresistible they have no choice but to accept.


Here goes.

Step #1 Find the most shared posts on the blog

Find the most shared posts on the blog using Buzzsumo. Here is what that would look like. I’ve used Chris Winfield’s blog as an example. I will be using Chris’s 4 Simple Rules for Email Mastery (and Maintaining Sanity) post for the remaining steps in this illustration.


Step #2 Read top 3 posts and comments

Speed read the post to get a sense of the type of advice the blogger is giving and if this you agree with their suggestions. Assuming you do, skim the comment section with an eye for any struggles, frustrations, and difficulties commentators are experiencing.
A few comments down in Chris’s Email Mastery post I hit pay dirt:




There is a pattern to these comments. They are both around the issue of managing expectations. Other similar comments further confirmed this was a big struggle for Chris’s readers.

Step #3 Bluesky brainstorm types of posts you could write to help

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What type of posts could I write to help readers with those problems?
  • What could I include to show readers how to solve their problems (rather than tell them)?

To illustrate here are some ideas for the managing expectations struggle Chris’s audience has:

  1. How to manage recipient expectations for speed of response (includes email scripts that show readers how to do this as a win-win)
  2. How to manage recipient expectations for when you will respond (includes email scripts that show readers how to do this as a win-win)
  3. How to manage client email communication expectations (includes script of client kick-off meeting and follow up email)

I’m sure this gives you enough of an idea to come up with many others on your own. Once you have 3-5 ideas move on to the next step.

Step #4 Confirm your post ideas are fresh

Search the blog to make sure the blogger has not already written about them. Most blogs have a search bar to search past content. If not, use google in-site search.

Why this hack makes your pitches irresistible?

  1. Your pitch is not only related to the exact topic the bloggers write about but also one that has performed well for them (as shown by high shares)
  2. Your pitch relates to the struggles of their audience (as shown by audience comments)
  3. Your pitch shows the blogger you aren’t just in it for yourself but actually, want to help their audience
  4. Your pitch shows how your solution(s) can help their audience.

This one hack alone significantly increased my pitch acceptances. Go ahead try it.

By the way, this is one part of my SuperCharged Guest Posting Blueprint.

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