5 ways HSEs unintentionally make their marketing fears worse

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In the last 6 months I have talked to over 50 HSEs (highly sensitive entrepreneurs). Some had only been in business for 1-2 years, others for decades. Some had client testimonials up the wazoo, while others had only a couple. Regardless of any of these differences—the biggest pain by far among all the HSEs I talked to?

A massively debilitating fear of marketing.

None of them were sitting idly, waiting for their fear to go away.

Every HSE was taking action to fight their marketing fears…it’s just that what they were doing wasn’t working.

And HOLY GUACAMOLE, they were all making the exact same mistakes.

Are you making any of these mistakes?

Mistake #1: Getting more credentials

Every time HSEs would feel afraid to market–they would compensate by getting more credentials. They would go take yet another online course, certification, or degree. It wasn’t that these HSEs were not up to date. They already read all the blog posts and books in their field the moment they would come out.  It also wasn’t because they were new. They were already the most knowledgeable people their fields.

But getting credentials made them feel productive. But it didn’t end their fear of marketing, and they knew it.

The Solution

Credentials aren’t bad. It’s just that most HSEs already have more than enough credentials. Enough to serve who they want to serve, in the ways they want to serve them. What is missing is the confidence to go out there and market. And getting more credentials doesn’t change this.

The truth is you, and almost every other HSE out there, already has all the credentials you need. It is time to go on a credentials diet. Stop getting more credentials. Show the world what the credentials you do have allows you to do. Go out there and market to your ideal clients and create the money, impact and freedom you want.

Mistake #2: Watch and copy every single competitor

HSEs would endlessly analyze and study competitors closely. Every time they saw their competitor do something that got buzz and attention, they would change their plan on the fly. Needless to say it didn’t work and it only made their fear of marketing worse.

The Solution

Listen I get why you think you should watch and copy competitors. It is common practice in corporate America. I myself have had entire jobs focused only on this.

But the truth is, once you are an entrepreneur this does not work. Watching and copying competitors is not a productive use of your wisdom or time. It does not help you to create powerful marketing that attracts your ideal customers. And lack of results will only worsen your fear of marketing.

For most of you assessing competitor marketing only once a year is more than enough. The rest of your time you should focus on creating and sharing our own unique marketing message.

So turn off your competitor marketing  alerts. Stop keeping tabs on what they are doing. Don’t copy their approach.

Focus instead on developing your own marketing message and taking it out into the world. Some part of you already knows what this is. You wouldn’t be feeling a fear of marketing if you didn’t. Decoding those fears will give you the practical plan for creating it.

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Mistake #3: Force themselves to network

HSE would force themselves to go networking. Even those that hated it. Why? Because everyone told them networking is what they had to do to promote themselves. A super small percentage of the time, it worked. But most of the time it didn’t, only making them even more frustrated that they were so afraid to market.

The Solution

Old school business networking style just doesn’t work for most HSEs. Going to lots of events, talking to as many people as possible, pushing your business card. I get exhausted just thinking about it!

Networking is too draining for most HSEs to have as a regular part of their business lives.  Everyone and their mother, has gotten generic networking advice making networking super cluttered. It is hard to stand out and get customers.

And when networking doesn’t work it makes your fear of marketing only get worse.

Focus instead on building out your marketing message. Then sharing it in the channels where your ideal customer hangs out.

But Sana I'm too afraid!
Oh Lord I know how that feels...

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Mistake #4: Spend time updating their website AGAIN

Instead of working on their marketing, they’d spend time dreaming of a magnificent business. A future full of fame, fortune, and love. May be they’d even get on TV… And then they would go redesign their website for the umpteenth time. Or waste hours finding and hiring “the right” web designer. But deep down they knew this was just an excuse they were using to procrastinate on marketing. And they were procrastinating because they were too afraid to actually market.

The Solution

Dreaming is fun. I do it all the time, everyday in fact. But it is important to balance dreams, with appropriate actions to make our dreams come true.

Whatever the dream– getting on TV, helping people around the globe, or anything else.  I can guarantee that updating your website will not help you get there.

You should definitely have a website that allows people to learn about you and engage with you. But most of the HSEs I talked to already had those. Yet they spent time tinkering with the look, feel, wording. Even those very few people ever saw the website. Because they still hadn’t marketed. And their fear of marketing was still there.

Don’t spend time updating your website when you know you need to market your business. Instead go out there and market!

Mistake #5: Take on any client that comes their way

They’d tell themselves they don’t need to market. To prove it to themselves, they would start taking everyone who came their way. Including those who they knew were not a fit from the get go. And then of course the client would make unreasonable demands, complaints, and even threats. They’d then worry, stress, and feel crummy. If they weren’t so afraid of marketing, they wouldn’t have been so desperate to take just anyone.

The Solution

Sometimes we are so afraid of marketing that we try to fool ourselves. We thinking we have arrived at a point of business where we don’t need to market. And see this customer knocking on my door? That is my evidence.

The truth is you will always have to market.

Even if you are well known and booked solid you will still have to market.

May be it will  be to find clients receptive to even deeper work than what you have done to date.

May be it will be because you want to work on new areas that interest you.

May be it will be because you want a wait-list of clients ready to work with you.

Or any other number of other reasons. In some sense you will always have to market.

Believing anything else is deluding yourself. Especially because right now you aren’t even at that point of being well known and booked solid. Because if you were, you wouldn’t have to taken the client who was obviously a bad fit.

You took that client because you got desperate. And you got desperate because you were afraid to market.

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Next Steps

Let’s summarize. Here is what you learned:

  • you know the 5 most common mistakes make HSEs in trying to deal with fear of marketing
  • you know the reasons they don’t work
  • you can catch yourself next time you feel tempted to make any of these mistakes

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