How I Use Guest Posting to Land Speaking Gigs BONUS Q&A Video2 min read

Sana ChoudaryHow to Pitch Guest Posts, What Guest Post Should You Pitch

You’ve probably seen my ~2500 word post on How I Use Guest Posting to Land Speaking Gigs by now. If you haven’t check it out here

I wanted to go the extra mile and make sure that you have everything you need to execute that advice which is why I also created a bonus Q&A video live with one of my most avid readers Hannah Brooks.

If you want to land speaking gigs, you definitely should watch this video.

But even if landing speaking gigs isn’t a focus right now, you should still watch this video. It is packed with insights you can use to land guest posts (without the speaking).

This video is ~37 minutes long. But if you are short on time jump ahead to the time stamps that most speak to where you are in your business.

Here is what’s in the Bonus Q&A video

  • Why I did this Bonus Q&A Video & the one question you should keep in mind as you watch it
  • Why influencers host speaking events
  • How to use event marketing copy to help you uncover guest post positioning
  • The problem with just “giving value”
  • The quick hack that makes sure the influencer knows you delivered an awesome guest post
  • Showing your influencer their audience’s problem as part of your pitch
  • How to not get lost in the noise when approaching an influencer
  • The outreach approach I use to get influencers to pitch me on doing guest posts for them
  • 3 things to keep in mind when guest posting to land speaking gigs
  • The reason why an influencer doesn’t know their audience’s problems and how you can make this work for you
  • How to find pitch angles even when it seems like the influencer has already covered everything you might want to guest post about
  • Common mistakes that prevent most people from landing guest posts and speaking gigs
  • Why being promoted by an influencer as their star student doesn’t build your list with the right audience
  • A practical way to address your fear of poaching the influencer’s audience
  • How to validate that the influencer’s audience has a problem
  • 36:58 Your Next steps

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