How to use guest posting to start your online business

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Got this interesting question about starting your online business:


I am new to your emails but I have been loving them. Thank you.

I am so torn to start my business, I have a variety of skill sets and experiences but I don't know how to package that information in my head to start a business. If someone asks me somethings about photography, marketing, I have the answers but not in concrete form.

Do you have any suggestion where I should start?

How should I package the information in my head into a business?



How should you package the information in your head into a business?

Instead of just replying to Sarah alone, I thought I would share my response here. That way those of you who are struggling but didn't write in can also benefit.

Firstly I want to say I hear you. I used to feel exactly like you.

I knew I had a variety of skill sets and experiences. I also knew I could help others get the same results (in fact I had done that several times over as a consultant).

But I didn’t want consult with people 1:1 forever. I wanted to help more people at once. I wanted to get leverage on the work I did.

And to do that I needed to package my work in a concrete way that would attract the type of people I could help at scale. 

Not having concrete packaging held me back from starting by business.

Then one day, I discovered something so counterintuitive, it blew my mind:

Guest posting is the best way to start your online business.

Here is what I mean.

How to find packaging that works

If we ask ourselves “how to make how we help people concrete” we will just be asking that question forever.

It is a hard question.

And what makes it hard is that we don’t know two things:

  1. Do people actually want to solve what we can help them with? AND
  2. Can our solution help people move forward given the level they are at?  

Now if you feel like rushing to say yes to each of these, ask yourself is that really true?

If we are being totally honest the real answer is: maybe.

We just don’t know for sure.

And not being sure, is what holds us back from a concrete package.

So how can you become sure?

One of the best ways I have found to become sure if I have what people want and that I can help them is guest posting!

How to use guest posting to package your skills & start your online business

Here is a quick framework to use guest posting to package your skills and start your online business.

Step #1 Brainstorm what problem you can help with

What are some problems you know you can help with. Perhaps these are problems you have helped people with in the past. 

Action steps:

  1. List the top 3 problems you can help with
  2. Pick the one problem you are most excited about helping with

Step #2 Think through who has the problem

Once you have picked one problem in step #1 think through a few types of people who have that problem. Get as specific as possible. 

Here is an example. Say you are helping people get headshots that make them appear powerful and professional. Who would need this?

It could be:

  • corporate professionals speaking at conferences
  • online business owners wanting to attract the right clients
  • new actresses wanting to show casting directors they are fit for a variety of roles

Each who has a completely different set of needs. 

Think through 3 possible ones and then pick ONE that you feel you are most connected with.

Your Action steps:

  1. Pick three possible audiences you can help
  2. Pick one audience you feel most connected with

Step #3 Find 5 influencers who talk to the people you want to help

The next step is to find 5 influencers that are talking to the people you decided on is step #2.

Don’t limit yourself to a medium or platform. Go wherever the influencer is talking to your audience. This could be a blog, a Facebook group, Twitter, or Instagram.

Action step:

Find 5 influencers who talk to the audience you want to attract

Step #4 Brainstorm an extremely powerful way you can help

This is your chance to share your mad skillz. Think through the steps people struggling with the problem need to take to solve it.

Action steps:

  1. Note where your audience is right now as relates to the problem
  2. Think through the steps they need to take to solve their problem
  3. What is one powerful way you can help them solve the problem or get a small win on the way to solving their problem? List it.

Step #5 Pitch the influencers and optimize

At this point you have:

  • What problem you want to help with
  • Who you want to help AND
  • How you want to help them

Combine all three into a pitch for the influencer.

Now if you have done steps 1 through 4 well, you should be able to get at least one influencer to accept your guest post. You can then use the level of engagement and action taking from your audience to gauge if:

  1. People want a solution to what we can help them with AND
  2. The solution you will provide help people move forward

If you don’t get an acceptance then steps 1 through 4 need more work.

Wrap up & next steps

You just learned:

  • What holds you back from packaging the information in your head into an online business
  • The keys to finding packaging that both attracts your audience and motivates you
  • The step-by-step process for finding packaging that works

Now it is your turn. Go ahead put this into action.

Want a bit more help with your guest posting journey? Then:

By the way want to figure out how to guest post?