Ever wonder who else reads SuperCharge Your Guest Posting?

Some epic entrepreneurs that’s who!

Whether you are looking for career, sales, emotional health advice these folks have you got you covered.

Keep reading to meet them and check out their sites!

Introducing 10 entrepreneurs who read SuperCharge Your Guest Posting

Are you an introverted entrepreneur?

Check out Zachariah Frank’s 10xSocially.com.

Zach helps entrepreneurs like you grow your business by overcoming your anxiety around networking and selling. The result is stronger business relationships + more clients + better clients.

Are you a female entrepreneur who wants a killer network?

Then check out Hannah Brooks’ Leading Lady.

Hannah helps female entrepreneurs, especially those who struggle with social situations, build their business network with through genuine relationships.

Are you a stay-at-home mom ready to get back to work?

Check out Leila Sewell’s Job Coach Online. She helps moms like you find jobs that are satisfying, lucrative, and flexible enough for your family needs.

Want a promotion at your day job?

Then you need to check out Gopi Vajravelu’s Climb Up the Ladder. Gopi helps corporate professionals like you get that next promotion so that you can earn more money and fall in love with your career all over again.

gopi 1

Are you a super busy woman who wants to lose weight and get healthy at the same time?

Check out Asli Kender’s Anti-yoyo. Asli is a trained chef and nutritionist who shows you how to adopt a healthy and delicious lifestyle (and even lose weight in the process) all without any yoyo dieting.

And yes my mouth is still watering after some of the food pictures on her site.

Asli 1

Are you a woman who wants to lose 20lbs or more?

Aren’t necessarily looking for a bikini body or a flat tummy (though it would be nice if that happens)? Then check out Your Ideal Form from Audrey D for nutritional and fitness advice.

Audrey helps women like you lose weight so that you can keep up with her kids, have your husband grab your butt’s a bit more often, and most importantly feel confident in yourself.

audreyD 1

Are you a business professional who struggles with ADHD?

You need to check out Kyle Nelson’s Cubefulness. Kyle helps business professionals like you manage your ADHD in the workplace.

Kyle is super organized consummate professional who achieves more than many without ADHD, in the same amount of time. If you want those types of results in your life, check out his site.

kyle 1

Are you battling Type 2 Diabetes?

Then please visit Paul Kennedy’s Beating Diabetes.

This one is particularly close to my heart.

In a previous life I worked as an analyst for the insulin manufacturer, and so know first hand the devastating medical conditions Diabetes can causes.

But I also know regardless of stage there is hope. My own mother completely reversed her diabetes using minor lifestyle changes of the type Paul teaches.

paulkennedy 1

Are you a sensitive person who is overwhelmed?

Then check out Dorota Godby’s Gentle Power.

Dorota helps people like you create less overwhelming spaces and interactions.

Fellow sensitives prepare to feel super warm and cozy inside after visiting this site!

Dorota 1

Are you a millennial who loved reading fiction?

But just can’t find the time to fit it into your life anymore? Then check out author Adam Dove’s website for a quick fix of fiction.

Adam Dove Stories 1

Wrap up and your next steps

Belong to any of the groups these entrepreneurs serve? Then check out their sites.

I can say without a doubt that all of them are highly committed to helping you through your journey to become healthier and more successful.

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