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The Smartest Post on Guest Posting I've Ever Seen

If you want to start pitching guest posts to influencers, but are feeling even the slightest bit unsure of what to include in your pitch or how to go about it, read Sana's post first…the smartest one I've ever seen. 

Regina Anaejionu of 


Smart, tactical, and all about results

I was introduced to Sana through a long time listener of my podcast, and I'm glad... Smart, tactical, and all about results.

Rich Brooks Agents of Change

Rich Brooks of
Agents of Change 

A Coach Like Sana Makes You Feel Focused Not Confused

I thought it was going to be more of the same that I’d heard before about guest posting, but it wasn’t. It went beyond that and gave me a clear idea of what to do next. The last coach I talked to about guest posting wasn’t like that. She threw all this stuff at me and I had no idea what to make of it. I was grateful Sana wasn’t like that. A good coach like Sana makes you feel focused, not confused!

Karen D.

Karen D.

This is seriously useful information!

I’ve been looking for how to get started with guest posts and this is the most complete guide I’ve found. It’s exactly what I needed!

Victoria T.

Hi, I'm Sana Choudary. 

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