Guest Post Tips: #1 Tactic to Get the Most Traffic

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Guest post tips

The other day I got an email from Brian asking me for my top guest post tips on getting the most traffic from his guest post:


Why yes, there is!

If you want to get the most traffic from your #GuestPost nail the content type #contentmarketing

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And the best news is that executing this guest post tip is both fast and easy.

But first, let’s talk about different content types.

Guest post tip: know thy content type

There are tons of different content types out there.

But when you are looking at popular content on a blog there are three main types to look for:

What Posts
A what post shows reader what they should do (often instead of what they are already doing).

Why Posts
A why post tells them why they should do something.

How Posts
And a how post tells them how they should do something.

A listicle 

Listicles are collections of tips, tools, or other lists that would help readers achieve a particular result

An interview

Interviews are usually interviewing celebrities or influencers on a particular topic.

Now you could spend hours scanning the blog you want to guest post at to get a sense of popular content types.

But that’s neither quick nor accurate.

A quicker and more accurate way to find popular content types is to use a blog research tool like Epicbeat.

Guest post tip: how to find popular content types 

Step #1 Type in the blog domain into Epicbeat

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Step #2 Sort by total shares

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Step #3 Eyeball top 3-5 popular posts

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Step #4 Assess content types

These are usually visible on the left of the post.

Whenever they aren’t you can usually take a quick guess from the headline.

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Wrap Up & Next Steps

Let’s summarize what you learned. You learned:

  • My #1 guest post tip to making sure your guest post brings the most traffic is nailing content type
  • The most popular blog content types
  • How to find the most popular content type for the site you want to guest post on

Now it’s your turn to put it into action.

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Guest post tips

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