Are you a new coach trying to build out your coaching practice? Here are 3 reasons why coaches should guest post to get more clients.

My story

Back in 2008 I was a new business coach trying to get clients. I’d spend an hour commuting into San Francisco, and then another three having five-minute conversations & collecting as many business cards as possible. In the six waking hours, I wasn’t doing that, I was following up with those I met, or cold messaging anyone I found online trying to get clients.

It was an exhausting existence. And at any given time I only had 2-3 clients to show for all this effort.

I was not living in abundance, enjoying my life, or doing my best work.

For that to change I needed a strategy that:

  • got me in front of people actively looking for help
  • built me up as expert
  • grew my email list with real potential clients

And most importantly I needed a strategy that took only 10% of my business time and energy.

If this sounds like something you want or you are tired of networking and cold calling for the minimal results it brings, let me save you some time you need to guest post. Guesting is the same strategy that helped me take my coaching practice from 5 figures to 6 figures in less than two years.

Here are the three reasons why all new coaches should guest post to get more clients.

Reason #1 Gets you in front of clients actively looking for help

Networking and cold calling gets you in front of people but rarely in front of people who are actively looking for help. Now you may see that they need help, which is why you try to convince them to work with you as a coach. But even if you do succeed, it would take forever. In contrast when you guest post you speak to people who are already looking for help with a specific problem or goal. Those are people you can very quickly close as a client, assuming they are convinced you can help. This brings me to reason #2…

Reason #2 Builds you up as an expert who can help

Every time you meet someone networking or cold calling you have to spend time doing a song & dance about your credentials, abilities, and experience to convince them that you have what it takes to help them. But when you guest you are automagically looked at as an expert with the right credentials and skills. After all, why else would an influencer, let you guest and speak to their audience?

Reason #3 Grows your email list with the best potential clients

Over 90% of the people you meet via networking & cold calling end up being the ones who don’t say an outright no, but keep stringing you along. That’s a lot of wasted followup time. When you guest the people joining your list are not like that. Instead they are choosing to get more followup messages from you because they feel what you have to share will be valuable to them. Those are people primed to become your best potential clients when they are ready.

Convinced? The fastest way to guest post to get clients is to learn from someone who has done it before. Join me for a laser strategy call to get a custom-built guesting strategy for you.