8 Guest Post Pitch Mistakes that Keep Even Smart People from Getting Guest Posts

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Guest post pitch mistakes have been on my mind a lot this week.

Maybe, because I was putting the final touches on the:

Essential Guide on How to Write A Guest Post Pitch that Gets Influencers to Say YES.

Here are a few of the biggest guest post pitch mistakes I’ve seen smart people make:

  1. Let me build up the content on my own blog first before I guest post pitch

  2. Let me build up my following/email list first. That way I have something to offer the sites I want to guest post with

  3. The blog I want to guest post with publishes a lot of superfluous quick read guest posts. So let me make it a no-brainer for them by pitching a practical helpful guest post pitch

  4. I should get the influencer’s attention by asking for advice first. Then once they reply I should send my guest post pitch

  5. Guest posting is a numbers game. I just need to send enough guest post pitches and eventually someone will accept

  6. Influencers are busy so I should get straight to my ask

  7. The influencer didn’t reply, must mean I need to build the relationship more before I pitch them again

  8. I shouldn’t even bother pitching! None of the blogs in my niche seem to accept guest posts anyways

I could go on, but you get my point.

But reading about these mistakes won’t help you avoid them.

The only thing that will help you avoid these mistakes is a proven framework showing you what to do instead.

Which is why I have created a guest post acceptance roadmap for you. Click here to grab it.

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