Hi there! I'm Sana Choudary

I help course creators, bloggers, coaches and other online entrepreneurs build their email list and expert status through guest starring on influencers platforms. I've been guest blogging before it had a name (2009 to be exact).

You might have seen me at:

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Which has led to clients like:

Things weren't always like this. There once was a time guest posting had me tearing out my hair!

I had no idea :

  • Where to get started? Especially since I had an ugly website with barely enough content, no list, no credentials, and hadn't helped thousands of people yet.
  • Who to pitch--popular sites, smaller ones for practice? Where did my ideal audience hang out?
  • What to pitch? Every idea I'd think of was already covered and out there. Where could I even add value
  • How to pitch? What was the best way to get an influencer's attention such that they would think they want me on their platform?

    Guest posting seemed so complicated!
    So I didn't guest post. Instead I got into solopreneur marketing tactical hell. 

    You know that solopreneur marketing tactical hell that really slows you down because each subscriber takes longer to get than guest posting would have. The hell that leaves you overworked, underpaid, and very very tired?

Yea that.

When I couldn't do it anymore I set out to find a better way to make guest posting work for me.

Then I discovered: 

  • I don't need a pretty website, years of content, a large email list, lots of followers, arm long credentials or thousands of success stories to guest post
  • Finding the right influencers who speak to my ideal audience can be done in less than an hour IF I know the handful of signs to look for
  • Crafting a mouthwatering pitch is ALL about a few choice ingredients in the right order
  • Getting influencer attention and selling them on letting me guest post can be a piece of cake IF you know the right things to do (in the right order).

This site is all about helping you do the same so that you too can build your email list, expert status, and profits the same way I did aka without spending years paying your dues. Cuz honestly whose got time for all of that.

I can't wait to help you. 

To get started grab my guest post acceptance roadmap! 

Guest Post Acceptance Roadmap

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