Every day my inbox is flooded with questions about guest posting. People want to know how to get more guest posts accepted so they can build their traffic, email list and credibility as experts. But every time they try to figure out guest posting it feels super complicated…so they end up procrastinating.

And that makes sense. Who wants to spend months spinning their wheels only to not get a pay off?! I mean I wouldn’t.

Chances are, you probably have some of the same questions others have been asking me. And you’ve probably even spent some time on blogs, forums and around the web, trying to get answers. Problem is, you keep getting conflicting answers, right?

For example, just pop onto any online business or marketing forum and ask this question:

I’m a new beginner blogger and I want to guest post. Should I pitch a few high traffic blogs or should I pitch several tiny blogs to get some experience first?

I guarantee that you’ll get conflicting advice.

Some people will tell you to pitch two blogs that are very big and put in a lot of effort into those pitches. Others will tell you to pitch 5 really really tiny blogs first.  Another group will advocate that you forget pitching and build relationships first. And just to make it extra confusing, you might even get a few people telling you none of that matters, its just a numbers game and you gotta keep pitching and eventually one or two guest posts will pay off for all the effort.

You are left thinking what do you want me to do! C'mon guys!

Especially since sorting through the wheat and the chaff is so tough!

If you’re new to that particular community, it’s even harder because you don’t know who to trust. Because the truth is, there are plenty of wannabe online business coaches who want you to think they know what they’re talking about – but they’re just as clueless as everyone else. And in some cases, these types of people are offering downright dangerous advice. Because what worked for them in their niche, in the early days of the internet, may just not apply to your particular situation right now.

That’s why I compiled this list of frequently asked questions.

 I wanted to make sure you got the right advice from someone who’s successfully navigated the world of guest posting from scratch and across niches.

Interested? Then read on…

Q. Isn’t guest posting poaching?

Check out what a subscriber emailed me the other day:

Ok first off trust me when I say this is not the image in an influencer’s mind when they get your pitch.

Ok jokes aside…you are far from a thief. In fact your pitch is a gift to the influencer you are pitching 🎁

A gift? How?

Well let me explain.

How is your guest post pitch a gift to influencers?

Most influencers are busy people. They want to help their audience. But no influencer, no matter how large or small has the time or the interest to cover every topic under the sun to help their people. Or even to think about all the topic gaps in their audience’s mind that would help them. And that is where you come in.

A good guest post pitch helps the influencer diagnose their audiences needs and helps them identify and fill a gap that they don’t have the time or interest to cover. 

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A good guest post pitch helps the influencer diagnose their audiences needs and helps them identify and fill a gap that they don’t have the time or interest to cover. 

So next time you sit down to write that pitch, remember your guest post is not a crafty way to steal an influencer’s audience, it’s a gift from you to help them serve their audience better.

Q. Should I be pitching a few small blogs to get experience or should I pitch the most popular blog in my niche?

Well before I answer that I have a question for you.

What are you hoping to get from the experience of pitching these blogs?

  1. Are you just super nervous about pitching and want to gain some confidence? Or
  2. Do you want to learn the in’s and out of how to guest post–aka finding influencers, figuring out what to pitch them and how?

If it’s about confidence, go ahead and knock yourself out by pitching tiny blogs. But if it’s about learning how to guest post pitch, I hate to break it to you but pitching tiny blogs will not help you at all.

You see when it comes to the process of guest posting pitching a tiny blog vs a large blog is completely different. What to pitch them, how to approach them, and how to convince them are worlds apart! So pitching tiny blogs will teach you nothing about how to guest post with large blogs. And if you do that first, when you finally start pitching large blogs you will have to start figuring things out again from scratch.

Why waste that time?

I would much rather you build your confidence by learn a guest posting process that works! A process that also gives you the benchmarks you should hit along the way to make sure you are on the right track (plus what to do if you are not). BTW that is exactly what the Ready Get Set Guest Post course gives you. So check it out here.

Q. How should I deal with my inner demons around guest posting?

Here is what another subscriber wrote in about this:

Can you tell me how to deal with my inner demons? Imposter syndrome or shame gremlins? For me, my inner dialogue goes something like "how could I even think of reaching out to xxx..." or "what if I'm not really as good as I think I am" or "what if this is biting off way more than I can chew..."

Ah inner demons and mindset, it’s a common problem, isn’t it?

Well with my help it won’t be one for you any more.

First check out this video on the 5 ways to bust your guest posting imposter syndrome in its tracks.

Then if you are still struggling with mindset around guest posting after that video, then check out my ultimate guide on dominating your fears of guest posting here. It covers specific guest posting fears plus the process through which my students and I use logic to bust through our fears around guest posting (and anything else in business). BTW here is what one of them said:

Sana helped me break down some key mental barriers with logic and gave me a systematic way to pitch post topics that have a very high chance of success. I had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA guest posting could be so easy!—Zack F.

Want one-on-one help with the specific inner demons that holds you back from guest posting? Then grab the next open guest posting office hour slot, so that I can help you directly.

Q. Is there a specific tactic to make sure your guest post brings in the most traffic?

getting the most traffic from your guest post

Yes, there is. It is connecting your guest post to a quality opt-in gift.

Now many people don’t have an opt-in gift and then they wonder why a link to their website homepage within the guest post did not bring in much traffic.

Others have opt-in gifts that feel like hurried afterthoughts. Not surprisingly their guest post audience thinks so too and never clicks to their site to grab the gift.

So what’s a solid opt-in gift supposed to be? Three things:

 #1 helps your audience implement

 #2 it is the logical next step to them getting what they want

#3 it is not an overwhelming manual but is bite-sized and easily digestible

If your guest post taught something, make sure your opt-in gift helps people implement. Now if you try to give them everything needed to implement they might just get overwhelmed, so its a good idea to give them enough help to implement the next logical step around whatever you are helping them with.

Also you want to make your opt-in gift is bite-sized.  You do not want it to be a long deep 43 page ebook they download but never use. Do something smaller like a checklist, cheatsheet, or a guide formatted for quick skim.

Q. Does guest posting still work in 2022? I thought Google started frowning upon it years ago...

Not quite. What Google started frowning upon was spammy sites using guest posting as a link building strategy to game page rank. If you are not a spammy site, don’t guest post at spammy sites, and actually provide “compelling wonderful useful” content  (Matt Cutt’s words not mine) you don’t have anything to worry about.

Q. Isn't guest posting just spending time building other people's businesses?

I’ll be honest this question had me boggled at first. I just didn’t understand where the asker was coming from.

But then realized that the real concern was spending all their time creating unique content for other people’s sites and platforms that they could not reuse on their own site.

Well here is the thing you can and should reuse your guest post content, but you have to do this smartly. This doesn’t mean that you should copy paste your guest posts word for word on your own site.

This does mean you should repurpose your content, amplify your guest post to your own audience, and magnify concepts you cover in your guest posts on your own site and social media. In fact doing so is so important to winning at guest posting that I’ve dedicated an entire bonus module in my How to Guest Post Like a Pro Program. I’m currently putting final touches on the program, but if you want to be among the first to find out when doors open join the wait list here.

Q. I don’t have a whole lot of time to guest post what do you suggest I do?

Use the time you do have more effectively. And to do that you need a guest posting system proven to work across niches, so that you don’t waste time doing something that is unlikely to give you results.  Luckily that’s exactly what you get from my Ready Set Guest Post program. BTW there is a limited time offer for this program so if you are thinking about it, make sure to get it before the clock on it runs out.

In conclusion…

At last, you finally know the TRUTH about the value of guest posting, the right guest posting opportunities and the best ways to avail them, and how to deal with your inner demons along the way. And that means that you can now start sending those guest posts out more confidently, because you’re armed with the knowledge you need to succeed.

See you at the top!

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