Heard of Avicii?

Of course, you have. Even if you don’t care for his music, by this point you have probably heard of him.

What’s hard to believe that a few short years ago no one was giving him any attention.

A lack of effective blogger outreach is why your guest posts are not getting accepted. But don't kick yourself too much, Avicii used to be in the same boat.

Even though he was probably just as remarkable.

It is kind of like how your guest post pitches aren’t getting any attention from bloggers, even though you know your content is remarkable.

Yet at the same time, superfluous fluff guest posts that don’t help anyone get published.


Because the writers of those fluff guest posts have effective blogger outreach down.

But don’t worry, once you have my #1 tip for effective blogger outreach you will beat them in no time!

Sana’s #1 tip for effective blogger outreach

My #1 tip for effective blogger outreach is getting introductions to bloggers from people they respect.

I know what your thinking.

Come on Sana. If I knew someone who could introduce me to a blogger don’t you think I would have done that already?

Listen I get it why you think that way. In fact, I used to think exactly the same way.

But then I discovered that finding the right person to make introductions is a lot easier than I think. Why? Two reasons. Let’s talk about each.

Reason #1 You are struggling with a network blindspot

Most of us suffer from what I call a network blind spot.

A network blind spot is when you actually have the people in your network who could introduce you, but you can’t think of them.

The main reason this happens is the only people you can think of as knowing a blogger are their influential friends who you don’t know.

Even though there are a lot of other people who do know them. For example wouldn’t you say that a blogger’s best students, case studies, their current and former consultants and employees know them just as well?

In most cases, these people are already within our network or are only one degree of separation away (a friend of a friend). Test it out–look up who among your connections is a mutual connection on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter with an influential blogger.

Reason #2 An introducer can almost always be found

You’ve taken my advice.

You have looked up who among your connections knows influential bloggers. But you found zilch, zip, nada. Now what?

Find out who does know the blogger. Again look for the blogger’s best students, case studies, their current and former consultants and employees–because these will be the people who will be easier for you to find and build a relationship with. The reason? Fewer people are reaching out to them.

Ok now that I’ve convinced you getting introduced is an option for you, let’s talk about the right way to ask for an introduction.

Effective blogger outreach: how to ask for an introduction 

The key to getting a successful introduction is making it as easy as possible for the introducer.

Here is how.

Step 1: Warm up your connection

If you haven’t already–find potential introducers’ blogs and follow them on social media.  Then keep an eye out for the issues, causes, and projects that matter to them. Interact with them on these and support them when you can.

Once you have done this a few times reach out to them via light friendly connection messages. Once you have had a bit of a conversation going for some time proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Ask for the introduction

People will only introduce you to bloggers they know if they know this will help their relationship with the blogger.

Which is why your “ask” needs to highlight what value you will provide to the blogger.

Pro-tip: Links to recent quality posts will help make the case that you have valuable content for the blogger.

If your connector isn’t open to the introduction, no worries just move onto next possible connector. Remember to have an abundance mentality around this both for your own peace of mind and for the sheer reason that coming across and needy and desperate never works.

Step 3: After they agree, send them intro text

This makes it super easy for the connection to make the introduction. They no longer have to think about the best way to introduce you. Another plus for you is you get to influence how you are introduced to make your most positive attributes shine.

Here is an example of intro text I sent an introducer a few years ago: Introduction text for effective blogger outreach

The blurred out word in the first line is a private group whose brand I knew the introducer respected.

Step 4: Make it ok for them to change intro text

It is not always obvious to most introducers that you are ok with their changing your intro text to account for their relationship with the blogger.

Which is why you should call it out. Introduction script for effective blogger outreach

Wrap up & next steps

Let’s summarize what you learned. You learned:

  • My #1 tip for effective blogger outreach
  • Why executing it is easier than you may think at first AND
  • How you can execute it for your next guest post

Now it is your turn. Go ahead put this into action.


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