3 Tips to Fix Your Fear of Guest Posting

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Is guest posting your Achilles heel?

It was mine.

Guest posting used to feel like a heart-pounding, frenzied tizzy I had to herd myself into doing.

Even a few short hours of trying to guest post would leave me limp, lifeless and exhausted like a ragdoll.

What made it so difficult was that I couldn’t stop myself from wondering:

  • What will other people think?
  • Will I offend them? Will I weird them out?
  • But mostly will they still like me?

So I did everything I could to avoid this.

I would twist and turn myself into a pretzel trying to be all things to all people.

Of course, THAT didn’t work.

And this only made me even more nervous the next time I had to guest post.

When I talked to friends they told me this was fear.

Not knowing any better, I accepted this label.

Perhaps you did too.

But that’s where the big secret comes in.

You aren’t really afraid of guest posting…

What you are is overstimulated by everything you need to keep track of when you are guest posting!

Think about it when you guest post you have to:

  1. Remember the influencer’s preferred writing style and their audience
  2. Think through your ideal audience, solutions, and where they intersect with those of the influencers’
  3. Predict the influencer’s audience questions and reactions in advance and figure out a way to address them

And you need to do all of this without overwhelming the influencer or their audience. That’s a lot of keep track of, especially if you are new to guest posting.

Does it really matter if I call it overstimulation or fear?

I can hear you saying,  “Potato, patato Sana. Whether you call it fear or overstimulation, does it really matter.”

Well, actually it does.

When we call it fear, we feel we have no choice but to “do it anyway” or “fake it till you make it.”

So we do.

But then when a pitch we worked really hard gets ignored or worse gets a no–we feel massively discouraged. Our minds can’t help but enter a dark spiraling web of thoughts that take us a long time to get out of.

On the other hand, if you call what you are feeling overstimulation upfront, you can do something very different.

Because being overstimulated simply means thinking through what we find overstimulating and then using logic and action to change it.

Ok, it’s overstimulation–now what do I do?

Here are three steps you can take to get rid of your guest posting overstimulation for good.

Guest Posting Tip #1 Figure out what causes your overstimulation

Step #1 is to figure out what is causing your overstimulation. More specifically is your overstimulation coming from a lack of faith, skill, or action.

Is it a lack of faith?

When I say faith, I don’t mean a religious faith (though that can be very powerful for some of us). What I mean is your faith that you can get results from guest posting. This, in turn, means believing that guest posting can work for list building. And even more importantly that guest posting can work for you, given your specific situation.

Is it a lack of skill?

Are you overstimulated because you don’t know how to guest post? Or because you have a vague idea but aren’t really sure if it is the right way to go about it that won’t waste any time? Or have you tried guest posting before only to not get the response you were looking for?

Is it a lack of action?

Are you overstimulated because you feel haven’t taken as much action as necessary?

Be honest with yourself here. We can all find reasons to let ourselves off the hook for not taking action. Perhaps there were challenges in our personal lives. Or we had too much going on with our business to focus on guest posting.

But whatever the case, a lack of taking guest posting action often has a lot more to do with how we prioritize and what we prioritize than the number of things on our plate. So think through what have you been prioritizing in place of guest posting? What will happen if you continue to do so? What will the future look like when it comes to building your email list? Your business?

Guest Posting Tip #2 Create a logical plan to address the cause

Now that you know what causes your overstimulation create a plausible plan to help yourself kick it for good.

If your overstimulation came from a lack of faith in guest posting working, spend some time finding guest posts written by others you relate to. Look at the source of traffic for the host site on Similarweb. If social and email are a strong source of traffic there is a good chance that guest post did very well.

If your overstimulation comes from a lack of faith in your guest posting abilities or skills, spend some time leveling up your guest posting skills. By the way, this guest posting quiz and blueprint is a good place to start to uplevel your guest posting skills.

And if your overstimulation comes from a lack of action then spend some time creating a clear, sustainable and doable guest posting plan. Then carve out regular time in your schedule to implement it. This blueprint should help you get started.

Guest Posting Tip#3 Shift your focus away to your ideal audience

Shift your focus away from yourself to your ideal audience. Thinking about yourself and how you appear tends to increase overstimulation. Instead, think of your ideal audience. What are their problems? What is their life or business like without your solutions to their problems? By not sharing your incredible solutions with them via a guest post aren’t you doing a massive disservice to them?

If you care about your audience as much as I think you do, you will find your mind overflowing with ideas to serve them right about now.

Wrap Up & Next Steps

Let’s summarize. Here is what you learned:

  • Most of what you and others view as your fear of guest posting is actually overstimulation
  • When you realize it is overstimulation and not fear, it opens the door to a number of solutions
  • You now have some solutions for the next time you get overstimulated by guest posting

Now it’s your turn to put it into action. This Guest Posting Blueprint will help.

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