"How I Get 200 Quality Subscribers (Minimum) from Every Guest Post 

And how you can do it too EVEN IF don't have time!"

This course will help you:

  • Figure out IF guest posting is the best list building strategy for you
  • Get people visiting and converting from your guest posts
  • Create quality guest posts fast (no matter what the length)

What You Will Learn In This Workshop

Secret #1

"How to figure out if guest posting is the right list building strategy for you in <7 minutes"

Secret #2

How to convert people visiting from your guest post within the first 1.5 minutes 

Secret #3

How to create the quality guest posts your host blog expects using 2 simple emails

Who is this for?

This workshop is for you if you haven’t tried guest posting yet.

Especially if the reason you haven’t is:

  • You aren't sure if guest posting is the best list building strategy for you
  • You don't think you have enough content to impress people 
  • You don’t have a website or you have a website don’t feel  it passes muster

Who is this not for?

This is not for you if: 

  • Your main challenge is figuring out the right sites to guest post with
  • You have tried pitching but not gotten enough responses
  • Your main question is how to get the attention of busy influencers

If that is you one of my other workshops might be a better fit for you. Just send me an email and we can discuss.

Tell me more. What Will You Actually Cover?

The <7 minute test you can use to figure out if guest posting is right for you given your specific situation

The 3 step plan you can use to convert people visiting from your guest post within the first 1.5 minutes 

The two simple emails you can use to create quality guest posts every single time

What Others Have Said

It worked!

So I have an update from the influencer I mentioned! Below is the email string [acceptance]! It worked!

SAM B.  //  Career Coach

A huge WIN! I got my first guest post accepted

I got my first guest post accepted. After 21 months of my business existing

EVE T.  //  Designer

She responded positively!

I pitched to a local mom’s group…I told her I’d hadn’t actually had the experience but had interviewed dozens of people who had the experience, and I could write an article based on that. She responded positively!

LEILA S.  //  Career coach 

Seriously I can't thank you enough

OMG yes!! Thank you so much for all the content, it has literally changed the way I see the world! Brilliant! So many possibilities open up before my eyes! Seriously I can't thank you enough!

LEON R  // Personal Development Coach

This Course Will Also Come With

Workshop Workbook for you to work on during our workshop so that you can get actual work done

Here is How it Works

#1 You get your workshop access link

The moment you sign up I will send you an email with your workshop access link+workbook+bonus guide


Most people buy trainings and don't do the work. But that's not you. You are an action taker. To help you take action I've provided a worksheet you can work through during the workshop so that you too can start getting your guest posts accepted every single time.


Any questions you send me will be answered within 2 business days. To make sure I keep my schedule open for your emailed questions, this offer is for the first 7 days after your purchase. So make sure you take advantage of this!

Who Are You?

I have guest posted at places like:

  • Adweek even though at the time I had just started my site and didn’t have any other guest posts
  • Ryan Levesque’s Ask Method community which led to the invitation to speak at the 1000 person ASKLive conference.
  • A number of other sites including VentureBeat, NavidMoazzez.com

Ready to SuperCharge Your Guest Posting?