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How to do blogger outreach that gets your guest post accepted

“What is wrong with you! You know that’s not how to swim,” he barked!

I’d just been rescued from drowning, and my scuba instructor was livid.

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Before almost drowning (when I was still his star student…)

Once I caught my breath I realized the reason I’d drowned was that I had used the wrong swimming approach.

This approach was ineffective and slow. And the less it worked the harder I tried. The harder I tried, the more tired I became. Eventually getting me to a point where my muscles gave out and I had to be fished out.

And that is very similar to how most people to do blogger outreach.

They spend months indiscriminately doing bloggers favors. When they finally pitch they don’t get any positive responses. Annoyed at their slow progress they try harder. But when that doesn’t pay off, they lose all motivation and end up quitting guest posting completely.

Just check out what happened to Kelly.

Here is what she said when I first talked to her:

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So what’s a faster and more effective blogger outreach strategy?

Spreading the causes and projects blogger’s care about in communities that they are already a part of.

Here is how you would do this using Facebook groups.

How to do blogger outreach using Facebook groups

Blogger Outreach Step 1: Find groups bloggers belong to

An easy way to do this on Facebook is typing in the influencer’s name + “groups.”

Protip: For the strongest impression you want to look for communities they belong to but do not run as it is more memorable.

Here is what that would look like if you were looking for Chris Winfield.

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Blogger Outreach Step 2: Figure out what bloggers care about right now

You would do this by reading their blog posts, social media feeds, and emails to get a sense of what they are promoting. 

The questions you should keep in mind as you do this are:

  1. Are they launching something new?
  2. Have they recently created content that they seem to be promoting a lot?
  3. Is there an idea they have mentioned several times recently that they want more attention towards?

You will use the answers you find in the next step.

Blogger Outreach Step 3: Give them quality exposure

Bloggers always want exposure for their work and ideas.

Yet they don’t want to get on a soapbox in other people’s communities uninvited.

This is where you can give them a powerful opportunity for exposure while connecting with them at the same time.

For example a while ago a number of bloggers I wanted to connect with were speaking at the same online summit.

So I attended the session and created a high-quality outline that went above and beyond what anyone else was sharing about their panel.

I then shared this with a group they were members of with them tagged (screenshot below).

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Which led to them replying and me connecting with all of them:

content connectingbloggers

And led to me pitching and doing this guest guide on guest posting fears with one of them Navid Moazzez.

Wrap up & next steps

Let’s summarize what you learned. You learned:

  • Why you should stop using blogger outreach strategies that take a lot of time and effort
  • Why you should do blogger outreach by spreading bloggers’ messages in communities they already belong to
  • How to spread their message in those communities

Now it is your turn. Go ahead put this into action.

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