It’s hard enough finding fresh post ideas for your own blog.

But finding guest blog post ideas can be 10X harder.

Because when it comes to guest blog posts you don’t know:

  • what ideas will catch the influencer’s attention?
  • what style of writing influencers are looking for?
  • what ideas will get influencers (and their audiences) hooked?

Most people deal with this by pitching lots of cookie cutter guest blog post ideas to their target blogs. They then hope and pray that at least some get accepted. It shouldn’t be surprising to know that the results of this strategy are very poor. I’ve heard people getting one or two guest blog posts accepted this way. Sometimes even none.

Many get frustrated and give up on guest blogging altogether. Others start doubting themselves. They wonder if their content, skills, or their business are good enough to cut it online.

I don’t want this to happen to you. Which is why in this blog post I will show you:

  • How to rapidly find the guest blog post ideas your target blogger is looking for
  • How to immediately understand the blog you are pitching. Without spending months (or years) reading all the content they have ever written
  • How to effortlessly adapt your guest blog post ideas to each blog you are pitching so that your target blogger finds them  irresistible

Sound good?

Awesome. Let’s get started.

What are bloggers looking for?

When most people come up with guest blog post ideas they start with the kind of guest blog post they want to write. They then try to find the blogs that will accept them. This is the wrong way of going about things.

The first place to start is actually what bloggers are looking for. Because as Zig Ziglar famously said: “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

So what do bloggers want when they look at guest blog post ideas?


They are especially looking for a fit within three areas. The:

  1. blog’s voice
  2. blog’s audience
  3. blogger’s own expertise or time gap

Let’s talk about each of these.

Fit with the blog’s voice

Most people confuse the blog’s voice with the blog’s topic. A blog’s voice is something a lot bigger than that. For example just because a blog is on event planning doesn’t mean the blog will accept every post about event planning.

The blog’s voice includes its preferred:

  • content type: does the blog lean more towards list posts? What posts? Why posts? How to posts? Or some combination?
  • ideal post length: are most posts <1000 words, 1000-2000 words, or 2000+ words?
  • images: are these included or do they prefer text heavy posts? If they do include images do they have a preference for the type of image? Do they prefer stock images of people, vector graphics, or infographics?

Fit with the blog’s audience

Most people assume a blog’s audience means its audience demographics. This would include obvious demographics like  female business owners, introverts, corporate professionals etc. Demographics is definitely a start to understanding a fit with a blog’s audience. But that fit can be seriously off the mark if that is where you stop. Bloggers are also checking that your guest blog post idea is a fit with the types of problems their blog audience has or the types of goals the audience wants to achieve.

Wondering how will ever you figure this out for a blog audience  without spends months reading the blog? Don’t worry I will show you how in an upcoming section.

But first let’s talk about the final fit bloggers are looking for: a fit with their own gaps as bloggers.

Fit with the blogger’s gaps

No one person can be an expert in everything. The same holds true for your target blogger. And that expertise gap might leave them unable to help their audience with a problem they know they have. For example a blogger may be an incredible expert at helping their audience negotiate a job raise or a promotion. But that same blogger may be unable to help their audience negotiate paid time off or work from home days. Your chances of getting your guest blog post accepted are higher if pitch an idea that falls in a blogger’s expertise gap.

Another important blogger gap to consider is their time or interest gap. Sometimes a blogger may have the expertise but they do not have the time or interest to blog about an idea. Bloggers are more likely to accept your guest blog post idea in that case too.

My #1 secret to finding guest blog post ideas fast!

Worried figuring out fit will take you months or years of reading?

Well, don’t be.

The truth is finding guest blog post ideas that fit with what bloggers are looking is a lot faster than you think.

The secret is looking at content already performing best on the blog.

One of the best ways to rapidly figure out fit is looking at the content that is already performing best on the blog. This content is usually the best representative of the blog’s voice, audience, and yes even the blogger’s gaps. Though you have to look at this last one with an eye towards what is not covered.

These days we have tons of tools that give quick summaries on the content that performs best, usually within minutes. One of my personal favorites is a tool called Buzzsumo.

Let me show you how it can give you powerful information about the content that is already performing best on a blog. I will be using the blog as an example.

Blog voice

The best performing content type on are why posts followed by what to do posts:

guest blog post idea content type 2

The ideal content length is around 1000-2000 words:guest blog post idea content length 2

And they prefer text heavy posts. I’m basing this on the fact that the top pieces of content by engagement for the site in Buzzsumo have no images other than a single featured blog post image.

guest blog post idea top pieces engagement 2

Blog audience

A good place to find a blog audience’s specific problems or goals is the comment section of a blog post.

For example looking at the comments of the popular article on called “Telephonophobia Is the Intense Fear of Talking on the Phone, and It’s Real” I came across this comment:

guest blog post idea audience fit problem 2

This indicates that one the problems this audience could be having is not job hunting due to a fear of phone calls.

Similarly looking at the comments of the popular article on called “Just Because I’m Quiet Doesn’t Mean I’m Stupid” I came across this comment:

guest blog post idea audience fit goal 2

This suggests blog’s audience wants to be liked at work. They also want to be perceived as someone who cares about victories and successes.

If the blog has an associated Facebook group or page, the comments there are another place to find its audience’s problems and goals. And if all else fails you can also look at comment elsewhere on the web. You would be surprised at the gold mine public social media posts, other forums like Reddit etc can be.

Blogger’s gaps

Now that we know one of the audience problems we can take a quick look at the blogger’s bio to guesstimate their expertise or time and interest gaps:

guest blog post idea author bio 2

The audience problem of job hunting with Telephonophobia doesn’t seem to be an area of expertise (blogger is a writer re bio). Neither is it an interest fit (she left corporate to become a full-time writer based on the second blog post).

The audience goal of being liked at work of interest to the blogger. Since the blog post itself seems to be about accepting and ignoring work mates who don’t like you. It is not about changing perceptions.

Ask the blogger

If you still can’t find a guest blog post idea that the blogger will find irresistible, you can always ask the blogger. Now keep in mind you cannot do this out of the blue with bloggers who do not know you. If you do that you will probably get ignored.

What you should do is first get on their radar. You can do this by getting introduced to them (which I have talked about here). If you can’t find someone to make the introduction get on their radar by interacting with them a few times first. This could be by commenting on their blog or social media posts. If you really want to make sure you stand out promote their ideas to new audiences first (I have talked about here).

You would then follow up by sending an email. Here you would introduce yourself and tell them what you are working on. Then you would ask if what you are thinking of is something they think can help both your audiences. By the way you can even parlay this into a soft pitch in the same email.

Here is an example of how I did this myself a while ago:

guest blog post idea ask blogger 2

Asking the blogger’s audience

If you are still at a loss on how to find irresistible guest blog post ideas you can always ask the blogger’s audience. Typically this is easiest to do in a social community around the blog like a Facebook group.

Here is an example of a post where I asked the blogger’s audience what they needed.

Now in this case I had already gotten accepted for the guest blog post before asking the audience. But asking the blogger’s audience what they need help with also works even if your guest blog post has not been accepted yet.  Here is another example where I did that:

In fact I used the responses to convince the blogger for a guest posting opportunity.

Brainstorm on what might still help the audiences

At this point you should have a short list of everything you need to brainstorm an irresistible guest blog post idea. You have a sense of the:

  1. blog’s voice
  2. blogger’s expertise + interest/time gaps
  3. best performing content on the blog
  4. blog audience’s problems, goals

In a sense the content type has already been chosen for you. Remember when we looked up the content type that performs the best on your target blog via Buzzsumo? That’s the content type your post must fit in. Now you just need to chose the audience problem or goal where you can provide value and in within the blogger’s expertise or interest/time gap.

Pretty simple right!

Bring it all together in your guest post pitch

By the way here is a pro-tip for you: use the information you gathered to find your irresistible guest blog post idea to craft your irresistible guest blog post pitch. Here is how:

  • sell the audience goal or problem as an unmet need
  • tell them you will address that need with your blog post
  • show them you can provide value because of your expertise and interest in that area. You want them thinking the ideas is in their expertise or time/interest gap).

Now of course all this needs to be done with tact. It is very easy to get this wrong and appear obnoxious or sleazy.

But don’t worry. I got you. I will show you exactly how to craft an irresistible guest blog post pitch in an upcoming post. Stay tuned.

Wrap up and next steps

Congrats, you made it to the end!

I hope you found this post helpful. I’ve used a paid tool Buzzsumo to accelerate how fast I understand a target blog, but you don’t have to. You can certainly do this all for free, it will just take a tad bit more time. Remember the tool doesn’t make or break your ability to find an irresistible guest blog post idea. Knowing what to look for does. And that is exactly what you learned in this post.

In this post we covered:

  • How to rapidly find the guest blog post ideas your target blogger is looking for
  • How to immediately understand the blog you are pitching without spending months (or years) reading all the content they have ever written
  • How to effortlessly adapt your guest blog post idea to each blog you are pitching so that your target blogger finds them absolutely irresistible

But you and I both know that all this knowledge will only help you if you put it into action. So find your own irresistible guest blog post ideas. and then pitch them! To help you pitch your guest blog post that I have created a quick 4 step master the guest post training. Click here to grab it.

And if you have any questions feel free to drop me a note. I will try to address them in the comments or the next blog post!


Struggling to find guest blog post ideas? In this post I show you how to find guest blog post ideas that bloggers will find irresistible!
How to find irresistible guest blog post ideas