Tired of Guest Post Opportunities With No Return?

What snacks do you like?

My friend Romano used to love was Peanut Brittle.

That was until he met his wife. This is what I found in a recent raid of his pantry.

guest post opportunities

Notice there is no peanut-brittle. But if you took the lack of peanut-brittle to mean he didn’t snack anymore, you’d be wrong.

Most people make a similar mistake when finding guest post opportunities. Just check out this email I recently got from Kyle on my mailing list:

guest post opportunities

Kyle was looking for comments as a clue for engagement. Not surprising he wasn’t having much luck

Kyle was trying to find the best guest post opportunities by looking for active comments.

If you are looking at comments to find the best guest post opportunities you are missing out on an insanely large number of sites that would attract lots of people to your email list.

Why Comments Are Not Good Indicators of the Best Guest Post Opportunities

Comments used to be an effective way to guesstimate good guest post opportunities. They used to indicate that a blog has an engaged audience likely to opt-in to your email list from after reading your guest post.

But over the last few years more and more bloggers have stopped training their audiences to comment.

They have replaced this with encouraging their audiences to share their posts on social media.

Here is an example from the popular site called the Ayurveda Experience:guest post opportunities

So a better way to find sites for the best guest post opportunities is to find sites with high sharing! And you can do this in two easy steps!

How to find the best guest posting opportunities

You can use a content research NinjaOutreach to do this in two easy steps. Here is how.

Step #1 Search for blogs in your niche in NinjaOutreach

For this example, we will assume the niche we are searching for is creative writing.

guest post opportunities

Step #2 Sort by total shares and save to list

guest post opportunities

Wrap up & next steps

Let’s summarize what you learned. You learned:

  • Why assuming  the best guest post opportunities are blogs with comments  is a mistake
  • Why you should look at sharing  instead AND
  • How to find blogs with high sharing in two simple steps

Now it is your turn. Go ahead put this into action.

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Guest post opportunities are everywhere these days but there are too many that will have no return for you. You should be looking at my tips for the best guest post guidelines so you know what to look for! Sometimes what you think is the right way just isn’t anymore. Click here to read what to look for when searching for guest post opportunities. #guestpost #guestblogging #bloggingtips

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