Thinking about guest posting? Then, this course is for you!

"How To Guest Post like a Pro Course" is your comprehensive guide to getting more traffic, growing your email list + rep as an expert, and driving readers to your blog or website.

In this course, I will teach you step by step how to get started with wildly successful guest posting. The course will cover topics such as what to do before you start pitching, different types of posts, how to research guest post opportunities, how to write engaging posts, how to choose the right topic, what to include in a good post, how to use the right images and more!

Kind words from our students

sam bernal got me the guest post
Eve got her first guest post

Here is some of what we cover in How to Guest Post Like a Pro

  • How to get ready to guest Post--the absolute minimum required before you pitch so that you can avoid spending months and years doing things like creating content or designing your site before getting your guest posts out there
  • How to find the right Influencers for your goals--so that each and every guest post you get works extra hard for you for years to come
  • The step-by-step sleaze free method for getting influencer attention that sets you up for lifelong win win relationships
  • Irresistible guest post pitch method that shows you exactly what to pitch and how to pitch it to get the guest post almost every single time
  • Bonus module--guest post scaling so that you create leverage from every piece of guest post content you ever create

Some more words from our students

Vaishnavi says this is the Best training for an amateur guest poster ever!

Take this course so you can stop wasting time!

I was unsure on how exactly to move forward but now feel confident to reach out. This course showed me that grabbing the attention of an influencer or magazine and getting my content there [with them] is a flow chart that I just need to follow. This is so helpful and I am only half way through! Take this course so you can stop wasting time!  

Vaisnavi Prakash
Austere Skincare Founder

Loved, loved, loved! Genius really what you did and I have saved the resources for later when I get started on guest posting.  👏🏽

Trifina Sofian
Empowerment Coach for Cancer Patients & Survivors