My quick 4-step system for getting guest posts accepted every single time

Hello, I'm Sana Choudary

If you want to grow your email list, expert status or traffic THIS training is for you.
EVEN if you just got started, barely have content on your site, and your email list is tiny

Just started? Tiny email list? Little or no content? 

Listen I get it. I know how it feels

When I first started my online business I felt like an absolute nobody.

No one knew who I was. And I had only 15 people on my email list.

I wanted to guest post but why would a blogger give me the time of the day.

I didn't have comparable guest posts to point to, I was just getting started.

I didn't have years of popular content, I barely had any content.

So I went into solopreneur marketing tactical hell. You know when you blog a little, post on Facebook a bit, tweak your website for SEO. Heck, I even played around on Instagram (and pics are so not my jam).

But at the end I didn't have anything to show for it.

My email list was still tiny, in fact my subscribers actually dropped a bit. 

No one knew me. The traffic on my website was non-existent.

It didn't feel good. I had so much on my plate. To take time out of my busy schedule to market myself and get absolutely zero results was frustrating!

Worst of all it hurt. Even though I had spent years building my expertise, I had to beg and scrap to get clients. Yet people with barely any skill were getting all the business, simply because my audience saw them as experts.

I didn’t want to spend years inching along like this...

So I decided to invest my time at becoming masterful at a guest posting

And that got me seen at places like:

A few of the places Sana Choudary has been seen on

My goal with this training is to help you do the same.

Take this course so you can stop wasting time!

I was unsure on how exactly to move forward but now feel confident to reach out. This course showed me that grabbing the attention of an influencer or magazine and getting my content there [with them] is a flow chart that I just need to follow. 

Vaishnavi says this is the Best training for an amateur guest poster ever!

Vaishnavi Prakash

Austere Skincare Founder

A Huge Win!

I got my first guest post published today! After 21 months of business in my ACTUAL Niche! Credit goes to Sana!

Eve Token

Fashion Blogger

What you’ll discover in this course:


4 steps to get a HELL YES to every pitch

EVEN if you have no followers, no comparable guest posts, and no superstar clients


#1 tip to attracting thousands via guest post 

And no it has nothing to do with pretty polishing your site or having tons of remarkable content content


Top 2 mistakes that kill the guest post even before you pitch

Avoid these two mistakes and never get rejected by radio silence again


How to make yourself irresistible to influencers

It’s not a large following or email list, tons of comparable guest posts, gobs of credentials

And the best part! You can use this strategy to grow your email list, visibility as an expert, and your traffic EVEN if you just got started, barely have content on your site, and your email list is tiny!