My quick 4-step system for getting guest posts accepted every single time


If you  want to grow your email list, expert status or  your traffic 
EVEN if you just got started, barely have any content, and your email list is tiny THEN this course is for you!

When I first started my online business I felt like an absolute nobody.  No one knew who I was and I only had 15 people on my email list!

I didn’t want to spend years inching along paying my dues, so I decided to become masterful at growing my list and expert status through guest posting.

Guest posting got me seen at places like:

Featured On Forbes
guest appearance at agents of change podcast
Venture Beat Guest Post
Guest Post Navid Moazzez
guest appearance at Mentee Podcast
guest post at adweek
byregina guest post
Guest Appearance at ASKLive

Leading to clients like

My goal with this training is to help you do the same.

Grab this training if you want to build your email list, traffic or expert status!

You will discover:

  • 4 steps you can use to start immediately getting a HELL YES to every pitch EVEN if you have no followers, no guest posts, and no superstar clients
  • My #1 tip to make sure your guest post attracts 1000s of your ideal audience (and no it has nothing to do with pretty polishing your site or having tons of remarkable content content)List Element
  • 2 mistakes that kill the guest post before the pitch--avoid and never get rejected by radio silence again
  • 3 things I wish someone had told me about finding the right guest starring opportunities (that grow your list and visibility as an expert at the same time)
  • The #1 trigger that makes influencers think I need this person guest posting for me (it’s not a large following/email list, heaps of comparable guest posts, or gobs of credentials)

And the best part! You can use this strategy to grow your email list, build your visibility as the expert in your niche, and increase your traffic EVEN if you just got started, barely have content on your site, and your email list is tiny!