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My Story

Hi there I’m Sana Choudary

I’m a guest posting strategist + serial entrepreneur

I simplify guest posting so that you can get your guest posts accepted so that you can grow your traffic, email list and sales pronto!

If you are just getting started and have zero connections, followers, or subscribers...I want you to know I feel you.

Even though I have now guest posted at places like:

A few of the places Sana Choudary has been seen on

There once was a time when nobody knew who I was. Every single sale took me forever. I tried marketing myself. I created blog content, Facebook videos, Facebook ads, Pinterest pins, and even tried my hand at SEO. But after many long months at this I still didn’t have much traffic or email growth to show for this.

I had heard of a few people getting on the map after a few wildly successful guest posts. I wanted results fast so I looked into hiring someone for PR. But the several thousand dollar price tag gave me hives.

I thought about guest posting myself. But it all seemed super complicated. I didn’t know how to get started. I had no idea:

  • who to pitch
  • what to pitch
  • how to pitch

So I did what I to do every time I am have a problem--deep research. I read everything about guest posting I could get my hands on. Some of the advice I found was good, but most of it was way too basic. I talked to successful guest posters among my friends and friends of friends. This bore more fruit and gave me a list of ideas on how to get started. 

I then went out there and pitched like a mad woman. I tested out everything I had learned as well as new strategies I came up with along the way. What I learned has helped me and my students routinely get 80% of our guest posts accepted and hundreds of our ideal audience members subscribing from every guest post.

It’s also gotten me clients like:

My goal with this blog is to share everything I have learned so that you too can get the traffic, email list growth and sales that you have always dreamed of. And fast! Because honestly whose got years to spend figuring it out for all of that.

I can’t wait to hear about your successes.

By the way if you want to hit the ground running 👇🏼

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