Avoid this guest post pitch email mistake
Part#4 The Ultimate Guide On How to Start Pitching Guest Posts

Look at you! You read parts 1, 2, and 3. And then you implemented them to:

  • get your site ready 
  • find the right sites 
  • qualified the best sites

You've come far, so give yourself a pat on the back!

But before you click send on that guest post pitch email, make sure you aren't making the #1 pitch killing mistake. 

We talk about what it is and what you should do instead in part #4 of the guide (this part).

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Sana Choudary

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Part #4
One killer mistake to WATCH out as you start pitching guest posts

Recently I was doing a Pitch Perfect session for my student Logan. Pitch Perfect a chance for students to work one-on-one with me on their guest post pitch emails (if you want to learn more about pitch perfect click here).

Logan signed up for Pitch Perfect because she felt that even though she had a lot of success helping clients, she didn't feel she was selling herself well enough in her guest post pitch emails. 

She felt the culprit behind this was that she did not have the right credentials to sell influencers on her guest post.

So she did what most people do in such a situation--pack her pitch with as many credentials as she could. 

Her hope was that this would convince influencers that she was a legit expert and not just some flash in the pan coach. Ultimately she hoped this would be enough for them to let her guest post.

She has been disappointed to discover that her pitches had gotten absolutely zero response.

I on the other hand was not surprised.

You see credential packed pitches are one of the first things I look for when someone sends over a failed pitch.

Let's talk about why credential packed guest post pitch emails fail.

Why credential packing your guest post pitch emails does NOT work

Even though most people think that packing a guest post pitch email with credentials, is the best most logical way to sell the influencer on the value of their guest post, that approach rarely works.

You see before an influencer can even begin to assess your pitch logically, their emotional brain needs to green-light it first.

And unless the credentials you have packed your guest post pitch email with have a personal meaning for the influencer, you can almost bet that their emotional brain will not green-light your pitch.

The reason? A busy influencer’s emotional brain sees your credential packed pitch as yet another distraction from their goals.

And distractions can kick off a fight, flight, or freeze response in influencers.

Unfortunately for your guest post pitch that could mean being harshly rejected, silently ignored, or placed in a deal-with-it-later-pile.

I know at this point you might be thinking, ok I get that I should not pack my guest post pitch email with credentials but what should my pitch say instead?

Is there a format or formula you recommend that instantly increases my chances of guest post pitch success?

Why yes there is. I call with the mouth watering pitch cake technique! 

Since this guide is getting a little long already, I'm not putting the entire technique here.

But I'm thinking of creating a step-by-step training showing you the mouth watering pitch-cake-technique, but only if enough people want it. If you do make sure to comment below.

Your Action Steps

Many people tell me that figuring out what to say in the pitch and how to say it is one of the biggest challenges they have when it comes to selling their guest posts.

Do you relate?

If you do, then you will be happy to know I’ve created a complete guide that shows you to get your guest post pitches accepted, even if you are just getting started. It includes step-by-step, examples, and a fill-in-the-blanks template. Click here to grab the guide for only $34.99. 

3 more FREE gifts to guide you 

In the last few parts, I showed you how to start pitching guest posts, even if you are a complete newbie.

I covered every part of proper pre-work including:

  • What to improve on your site
  • What to research about the influencer  AND
  • What not to include in your pitch 

But you know that these ideas will only help if you put them into action.

To help make it as easy as possible to take action, I have created not one but three special gifts for you.

First, I’ve put together a PDF version of this post that you can print out to jot down your biggest takeaways and ideas on.

Second, I’ve created a 4-day checklist with the specific actions steps you can take to get your online headquarters ready, research your influencer, and craft your successful pitch.

Third, I’ve created a free master the guest post training which shows you the exact framework I have used to get my guest posts accepted at places like Venturebeat, Adweek, AskLive, and others.

Click here to download all three gifts and use them to pitch your first guest post this week!

The killer mistake to avoid in your guest post pitch email
The killer mistake to avoid in your guest post pitch email

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