Struggling to find guest blogging opportunities?

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Struggling to find guest blogging opportunities?

Are struggling to find enough guest blogging opportunities?

May because the only sites you do find are the large popular sites written by millionaire influencers.

But you are just getting started! You don’t have 50,000 people on your email list. Nor do you have tonnes of existing guest posts at comparable websites.

How can you possibly gain their attention?

If that is you, it might be time for you to expand your definition of a guest post.

guest blogging opportunties

Let me explain.

Guest posting beyond guest blogging

When most people think of guest posting they think of guest blogging–writing a blog post for someone else’s website.

But the problem when you are just getting started, is that the only sites willing to let you guest post are those of peers or people only slightly further along than you.

Guest posts on sites like these just don’t pay off in attracting your ideal audience to your website or your email list.

What you should do instead is look at guest posting opportunities beyond guest blogging.

This means looking at any non-blog channels influencers use to nurture their audiences. These could be:

  • Facebook groups
  • Instagram pages
  • Facebook pages
  • Podcasts
  • Email Lists

Here is an example to make this clear.

Say you realized Ryan Levesque from the ASK Method Company speaks to the exact audience you want to reach. But if you are just starting out guest blogging with Ryan would be tough bet.

If you take a look at his blog, you would quickly realize the only mentions of any businesses other than Ryan’s are of his own mentors. Mentors who have even larger followings than him.

But if you look at non-blog channels you would quickly realize that Ryan runs several large and active Facebook groups.


Like most influencer’s non-blog channels, any of these groups would be much easier places to guest post in. Let’s talk about why.

Why guest posting opportunities beyond blogs pay off better

Guest posting opportunities beyond blogs are easier, particularly when you are just getting started.

There are three reasons why.

Reason #1 Non-blog channels are often more engaged

As I mentioned in a previous post, these days influencers incentivize their followers engagement actions outside their blog.

For most large influencers, this shows up as spending a lot of time and resources nurturing their audiences on non-blog channels.

Going back to Ryan as an example he:

  • Personally responds to students in these groups
  • Has invested in a dedicated team for his students
  • Encourages and drives member interaction through multiple threads
  • Creates unique content for these groups

Not surprisingly the audience for non-blog channels are very engaged, often more than an influencer’s blog audience. And since engagement is directly correlated with guest post payoff, your guest post will attract lots of members of your ideal audience back to your site and email list.

Reason #2 It is easier to give the audience value

Because the audience is more engaged on a non-blog channel, they are more likely to share what their problems are. This makes it easier for you listen for what an audience struggles with and test possible solutions that could work.

And your listening and testing makes it much easier for you to figure out the best value you can give that audience.

Reason #3 It is easier to get your guest post pitch accepted

Non-blog channels are often less crowded by pitches. This makes it much easier to:

  • get the influencers’ attention
  • show them what you have discovered about their audience’s needs
  • pitch your guest post as a possible solution

What’s more the pitch feels more organic. Afterall you just spent time on their channel and found a way you could contribute to make it even better!

Wrap Up & Next Steps

The best place to guest post to grow your email list isn’t always an influencer’s blog. Keep an open mind to other channels where influencer’s nurture their audiences. They can payoff much better especially when you are just starting out.

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Now let me bring it all together for you with some practical action steps.

  1. Find the non-blog channels influencers use to nurture their audience
  2. Identify the channel the where the influencer is investing a lot of time and resources
  3. Listen for audience problems and test your solutions on that channel
  4. Pitch a guest post for that channel

By the way, this post covers one of the 8 steps that are part of my guest posting roadmap.  

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