So you've been thinking about guest posting. And one of the reasons you want to guest post is to build your email list.

But how exactly do you go about that part of it. More specifically:

  • What can you give the audience to inspire them to join your email list?
  • Once they do join, what can you send them that super valuable and gets them buying?
  • How can you make regular emailing easier and less of a chore?

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In this session I covered:

  • How to get started with email list building
  • The 1st three emails to send once someone joins your email list
  • Fast easy emails that help you build a relationship with your subscribers and get them buying!

I also coached two business owners through their list building questions on the spot.

Here is the link to the guest appearance:

And as always if you have any questions drop me me a note 👇🏼